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How To Buy Men's Dress Shoes

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Put your best foot forward with these fashion savvy shopping tips.

You Will Need

Eye for quality

Personal style PLAY

Step 1: Fit the occasion

Fit the type of shoes to the occasion. If you need dress shoes for work, you need a different shoe than for a wedding. PLAY

Step 2: Quality

Buy quality shoes that will last. Look for thick soles, durable stitching, and quality leather. PLAY

Step 3: Choose color

Choose black or brown to get the most use out of your dress shoes. Pair brown with khaki, blue and green, or brown-toned pants. Black shoes can be worn with black and grey suits, as well as with white and cream in warmer months.

Tip: If you're very fashion forward, consider white shoes. PLAY

Step 4: Your style

Find shoes that suit your style. A loafer is an easy to wear slip-on that is versatile and comes in many styles. Oxfords are formal shoes that lace up and are fairly conservative. Derbies lace-up, but are more casual. Monks feature a buckle and are more cutting-edge. Moccasins are often high-end looking, but light and casual. PLAY

Step 5: Try them on

Try them on while shopping, but when it comes to purchasing, there can be great deals online from shoe retailers that often offer free shipping and returns. PLAY

Fact: According to one poll, men own an average of 12 pairs of shoes, while women average 27 pairs. PLAY

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