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Một phần của đề thi English trong kỳ thi tốt nghiệp phổ thông tại Pháp

  • The convoy had entered a bombed village, or perhaps the suburb of a small town — the place was rubble and it was impossible to tell. Who would care? Who could ever describe this confusion, and come up with the village names and the dates for the history books? And take the reasonable view and begin to assign the blame? No one would ever know what it was like to be here. Without the details there could be no larger picture. The abandoned stores, equipment and vehicles made an avenue of scrap that spilled across their path. With this, and the bodies, they were forced to walk in the centre of the road. That did not matter because the convoy was no longer moving. Soldiers were climbing out of troop carriers and continuing on foot, stumbling over brick and roof tiles. The wounded were left in the lorries to wait. There was a greater press of bodies in a narrower space, greater irritation. Turner kept his head down and followed the man in front, protectively folded in his thoughts. Ian McEwan, Atonement, 2001

    1) How does the narrator feel when he arrives in France?

    2) What are three of his concerns about the situation?

    3) How is Turner coping with the situation?

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    Bình luận: Protection Status
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