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Treatment of nasal congestion

  • There are some causes of nasal congestion, such as vasomotor rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, sinusitis, distorted the bulkhead, there are tumors in the nose, nose injury ...
    Stuffy nose is nose-breathing line status is blocked. Normally, we breathe through the nose slowly, steadily, no hum and mouth then shut up; When sealing on one side of the nose, I still breathe easy. When nasal congestion, breathing difficulties, we have cries; If the stuffing box on one side of the nose, I'll choke and have to breathe by the mouth. Need to breathe by nose because the nose is not just access to the air filter clean, but also warm, moisten the air. If nasal clogged for some reason, I have tobreathe the air inhaled by mouth will not be filter clean, not warm, moistshould be very easy to cause inflammation of the respiratory tract infection or aggravate inflammation.


    Cure nasal congestion?


    The drug often used as drugs for topical effect for the nose.


    Case of nasal congestion with runny nose, we can use nasal drops containing the substance has the effect of sympathetic nervous intensity (or sympathetic nerve directly) as naphazolin (Nasoline Rhinex 0.05%), pharmacy, oxymetazolin, xylometazolin ... make the vessels and reduce congestion in the nasal Mucosa, nasal giụa truss flowing out made the country. However, because this kind of nose drops containing ground effects the nervous circuit contraction causing sympathetic should sick adult hypertension, heart disease, hyperthyroidism or pregnant women and nursing mothers must be very vigilant, should only be used when the doctor should not arbitrarily use the disposal.

    In particular, the nose drops decongestant circuit contraction lasting usecan cause the phenomenon to "turn back" (rebound)-news at first make every runny nose, stuffy nose but then cause nasal congestion, back doing chronic inflammation nasal mucous membranes are very difficult to treat. This form of nose drops itself causes a disease called "nasal inflammatory disease caused by smoking" made treatment very difficult. So, has recommended adults normally don't use nasal decongestant, circuit contraction more than 5 days.

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