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Mục lục

Adjective, adverb

with affection and tenderness (a musical direction).


a composition or movement of gentle, tender character.

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  • Affiance

    to pledge by promise of marriage; betroth., a pledging of faith, as a marriage contract., trust; confidence; reliance.
  • Affianced

    betrothed; engaged., adjective, betrothed , intended , plighted , engagement , promised
  • Affidavit

    a written declaration upon oath made before an authorized official., noun, affirmation , oath , sworn statement , testimony , attestation , deposition...
  • Affiliate

    to bring into close association or connection, to attach or unite on terms of fellowship; associate (usually fol. by with in u.s. usage, by to in brit....
  • Affiliation

    the act of affiliating; state of being affiliated or associated., noun, alliance , amalgamation , banding together , bunch , cahoots * , clan , coalition...
  • Affined

    closely related or connected., bound; obligated.
  • Affinity

    a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea, etc., a person, thing, idea, etc., for which such a natural liking or attraction is felt.,...
  • Affirm

    to state or assert positively; maintain as true, to confirm or ratify, to assert solemnly, to express agreement with or commitment to; uphold; support,...
  • Affirmation

    the act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed., the assertion that something exists or is true., something that is affirmed; a statement...
  • Affirmative

    affirming or assenting; asserting the truth, validity, or fact of something., expressing agreement or consent; assenting, positive; not negative., logic...
  • Affix

    to fasten, join, or attach (usually fol. by to ), to put or add on; append, to impress (a seal or stamp)., to attach (blame, reproach, ridicule, etc.).,...
  • Affixture

    the act of affixing; attachment.
  • Afflatus

    inspiration; an impelling mental force acting from within., divine communication of knowledge.
  • Afflict

    to distress with mental or bodily pain; trouble greatly or grievously, obsolete ., verb, verb, to be afflicted with arthritis ., to overthrow; defeat.,...
  • Afflicted

    grievously affected especially by disease, mentally or physically unfit, adjective, suffering , wretched , cursed , depressed , distressed , doleful ,...
  • Affliction

    a state of pain, distress, or grief; misery, a cause of mental or bodily pain, as sickness, loss, calamity, or persecution., noun, noun, they sympathized...
  • Afflictive

    characterized by or causing pain, distress, or grief; distressing., adjective, aching , achy , hurtful , nagging , smarting , sore
  • Affluence

    abundance of money, property, and other material goods; riches; wealth., an abundant supply, as of thoughts or words; profusion., a flowing to or toward;...
  • Affluent

    having an abundance of wealth, property, or other material goods; prosperous; rich, abounding in anything; abundant., flowing freely, a tributary stream.,...
  • Afflux

    something that flows to or toward a point, the act of flowing to or toward; flow., an afflux of blood to the head .
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