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Từ điển Viết tắt

  • Four speed Electronic Automatic Transmission
  • Four Wheel Antilock
  • Four Wheel Air Suspension
  • Four Wheel Drive: Hệ thống truyền động 4 bánh
  • Ampere - also AMP Artery - also ART Aerial - also AE Amplitude - also Ap, Ampl, AMP, Am, AMPLTD and amptd Adenine - also Ad and Ade Acre - also ac and...
  • Arne \"Bob\" Sanford Library
  • Australian Dollar - also AUD
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics - also AA and Astron Astrophys Accounting and auditing Aid and Attendance Arrival and Assembly Additions and Amendments
  • Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment - also AAEE
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement - also AAS Advisory and Assistance Service
  • Apnea and bradycardia Assault and Battery
  • Air and bone conduction
  • Abatement and Control Abatement and commitments Adequacy and compatibility Agreements and commitments Activation and Checkout
  • Access and clearance system
  • Admission and Disposition - also AD and AAD Aerospace and Defense
  • Administrative and Direct Support Logistics
  • Accident and emergency - also A+E Architectural and Engineering - also A/E Architect and Engineer - also A-E and A/E Ammunition and Explosives ACTIVATION...
  • Assembly and External Maintenance
  • Accounting and Finance - also AFIN Arming and firing Arming and fuzing Agricultural and Forestal
  • Administrative and General Acquisitions and Grants
  • A&I Alternative and Innovative Allergy and immunology - also ai Analysis and Integration Alterations and Improvements Assembly and Installation Attack...
  • Approach and Landing - also A/L and AL Arts and Letters
  • AMSOIL - also AMS Agricultural and mechanical
  • Assembly and Maintenance Integration
  • Acquisition and Material Management Service
  • Automation and Measurement Science Department
  • Assembly and Maintenance Verification
  • Alert and oriented - also a/o
  • Aeronautical and Ordinance System
  • Alert and oriented to person
  • Alert and oriented to person and place
  • Alert and oriented to person, place and time
  • Administrative and Program Support
  • Alert and Que
  • Automation and Robotics Air and Radiation Appraisal and review Audit and Reimbursement Associate and Return
  • Application and Resource Control
  • Acceptance and routing history
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre
  • Assault and Robbery
  • Assault and Robbery armed
  • All And Sundry Armament and Standardization Division Accident and sickness Ambu and suction Avionics and Software
  • Application and Service Engineering
  • Avionics and Surveillance Group
  • Attrition and special materials
  • Assembly and Test - also A/T Acquisition and Technology Architecture and Transport
  • Assembly and Test Area
  • Assembly and test pit
  • Acceptance and Verification Assembly and Verification Atrial and ventricular
  • Allen and Wright Alive and well - also AW
  • Air and Waste Management Association - also AWMA
  • Auscultation and percussion - also a/p Anterior and posterior - also a-p and ap Abdominal and perineal Airframe and Power Auscultation and palpation Airfields...
  • And-tan
  • Agouti yellow
  • After-School Plus Program
  • Accident and Emergency - also a&e
  • An En A-deficient
  • A-1
  • Aroclor-1254
  • Axial 6 cylinder A/C compressor
  • Abbott-81988
  • Anthracene-9-carboxylic acid - also A9C
  • Automated auditory brainstem response - also AABR
  • Army Artillery Board
  • Army Armor Board
  • Arm-retinal artery
  • Adeno-associated virus - also AAV, ADV and AAAV Adenovirus-associated virus - also AAV
  • Autoantibodies - also AAs, AAB, aAbs, AutoAb, Abs, AB, autoAbs, AA and ATA
  • Albuquerque-Bernalillo County/Air Quality Control Board
  • Adamantiades-Behçet\'s disease - also ABD
  • Abdominal body fat distribution
  • Automatic Built-in-Test
  • Autologous bone marrow transplantation - also ABMT, AuBMT, auto-BMT and autoBMT
  • Aviation-binary phase shift keying
  • Aggregated bovine serum albumin
  • Aortocoronary
  • Advanced Continuity of Care Certification
  • Antibodies to cardiolipin - also ACA and aCL
  • Automatic CPU Overheating Prevention System - also ACOPS
  • Artificial cerebrospinal fluid - also ACSF
  • Analog to Digital - also AD and A/D Analog/Digital - also A/D Advance-Decline Alloxan-diabetic
  • Analog-to-Digital-to-Analog
  • Advanced/Data Collection System
  • Adolescent Dissociative Experiences Scale
  • Architect-engineer Architect and engineer - also A/E and A&E Alpha-helices Articular-epiphyseal Arvin Echo
  • Adherent EAT
  • Ambulatory EEG - also aeeg
  • Amplified enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
  • Adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein - also aFABP
  • Acidic fibroblast growth factor - also afgf
  • Advanced GEM Task Force
  • Assisted Global Positioning System - also AGPS Advanced Global Positioning System - also AGPS
  • Acute graft-versus-host disease - also AGVHD
  • Arresting Gear - also AG and A-G
  • Atrio-His bundle Atrio-His - also AH
  • American Heart Failure Trial African-American Heart Failure Trial
  • Angiotensin I - also ai, AngI, ANG-I and AT-I Anaphase I
  • Average integrated concentration
  • Alpha-interferon - also alpha-IF, alpha-IFN and alpha-INF
  • Angiotensin II - also AII, ATii, ANG-II, Ang, AT-II, AT, AgII and Ang II Angiotensin - also ang, AI, AG, AT, AII and AngII
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  • 24/09/21 09:33:48
    Các anh chị em cho mình hỏi câu này với ạ. "A mind is a valuable thing to waste" sách dịch là "Bộ não là 1 thứ quí giá không nên lãng phí", mình thấy hơi khó hiểu nên mình có tra google thì có 1 câu khác "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" thì lại dịch thành "sẽ thật khủng khiếp nếu lãng phí trí tuệ". Với 2 câu này, chỉ thay từ valuable với terrible thì to waste đã hiểu sang hướng khác, hay sách dịch sai k ạ?
  • 22/09/21 08:50:48
    Trong khi đọc truyện em thấy câu chỉ vóc dáng, "well-ordered prime look. seedy-looking style". Thì dịch như thế nào mang tính cà khịa nhất ạ ?
    • dienh
      0 · 23/09/21 07:30:30
  • 21/09/21 11:28:10
    Cho mình hỏi từ "thoát văn" có nghĩa là gì vậy ạ?
  • 19/09/21 07:44:57
    I am different...Belonging takes work
    Câu này dịch nghĩa sao vậy cả nhà!
    • Bibi
      0 · 21/09/21 01:47:55
  • 18/09/21 06:08:37
    Câu này dịch sao vậy ạ
    The three Casts began to vibrate rapidly. Black Resonance!
  • 16/09/21 12:22:01
    Cho em hỏi "Planning team overseas workshop" nghĩa là gì thế ạ?
    • Sáu que Tre
      0 · 17/09/21 08:13:04