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By design

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with intention; in an intentional manner; "he used that word intentionally"; "I did this by choice"[syn: intentionally ][ant: accidentally ]

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  • By hand

    the terminal, prehensile part of the upper limb in humans and other primates, consisting of the wrist, metacarpal area, fingers, and thumb., the corresponding...
  • By law

    a standing rule governing the regulation of a corporation's or society's internal affairs., a subsidiary law., british . an ordinance of a municipality...
  • By means of

    usually, means. ( used with a singular or plural verb ) an agency, instrument, or method used to attain an end, means,, something that is midway between...
  • By name

    a secondary name; cognomen; surname., a nickname.
  • By the way

    manner, mode, or fashion, characteristic or habitual manner, a method, plan, or means for attaining a goal, a respect or particular, a direction or vicinity,...
  • By way

    a secluded, private, or obscure road., a subsidiary or obscure field of research, endeavor, etc.
  • Bye

    sports . in a tournament, the preferential status of a player or team not paired with a competitor in an early round and thus automatically advanced to...
  • Bye-bye

    informal . good-bye., baby talk . sleep. ?, go bye-bye, baby talk ., to leave; depart; go out., to go to sleep; go to bed.
  • Bygone

    past; gone by; earlier; former, usually, bygones. that which is past, let bygones be bygones, adjective, adjective, the faded photograph brought memories...
  • Bypass

    a road enabling motorists to avoid a city or other heavy traffic points or to drive around an obstruction., a secondary pipe or other channel connected...
  • Bypast

    bygone; earlier; former; past., a pp. of bypass., rare . a pt. of bypass.
  • Bypath

    a private path or an indirect or secondary course or means; byway., noun, byway , lane , pathway , shortcut , trail , way
  • Byplay

    an action or speech carried on to the side while the main action proceeds, esp. on the stage.
  • Byproduct

    a secondary or incidental product, as in a process of manufacture., the result of another action, often unforeseen or unintended., noun, derivation , descendant...
  • Byre

    a cow shed.
  • Bystander

    a person present but not involved; chance spectator; onlooker., noun, noun, participant, eyewitness , gaper , kibitzer * , looker-on , observer , onlooker...
  • Bystreet

    a side street or a private or obscure street; byway.
  • Byword

    a word or phrase associated with some person or thing; a characteristic expression, typical greeting, or the like., a word or phrase used proverbially;...
  • Byzantine

    of or pertaining to byzantium., of or pertaining to the byzantine empire., noting or pertaining to the architecture of the byzantine empire and to architecture...
  • Bête noire

    a person or thing especially disliked or dreaded; bane; bugbear., noun, adversary , anathema , antagonist , bad news , bad news * , bane , bitter enemy...
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