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Disclosure note

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  • Disclosure principle

    , disclosure principle states that any and all information that affects the full understanding of a companys financial statements must be include with...
  • Discontinued operations

    , discontinued operations is the sale, disposal, or planned sale in the near future of a business segment (product line or class of customer).
  • Discount allowed

    , discount allowed, normally, is a reduction of the invoice amount for early payment of the invoice value.
  • Discount for lack of control

    , discount for the lack of control is an amount or percentage deducted from the pro rata share of value of one hundred percent (100%) of an equity interest...
  • Discount for lack of marketability

    , disount for lack of marketability is an amount or percentage deducted from the value of an ownership interest to reflect the relative absence of marketability.
  • Discount house

    , discount house is a company that specializes in discounting bills of exchange, treasury bills and short-dated government bonds.
  • Discount paper

    , discount paper is securities that are issued at a discount and mature at face, or par value. the difference, rather than coupon payments, represents...
  • Discount rate

    , discount rate, generally, it is a rate of return (cost of capital) used to convert a monetary sum, payable or receivable in the future, into...
  • Discount window

    , discount window is the facility at a federal reserve bank at which members are allowed to borrow at the discount rate.
  • Discounted cash flow

    , discounted cash flow is a valuation method best used to evaluate a business established for the purpose of fulfilling a specific project, in certain...
  • Discounted cash flow method

    , discounted cash flow method is a budgeting method for project evaluation and selection.
  • Discounted earnings

    , discounted earnings determines the value of a business based upon the present value of projected future earnings, discounted by the required rate of...
  • Discounted payback

    , discounted payback is the period of time required to recover initial cash outflow when the cash inflows are discounted at the opportunity cost of capital.
  • Discounted value

    , discounted value is the present value of the sum of future payments after they has been discounted back. the higher the discount rate used, the lower...
  • Discounting

    , discounting is the selling of accounts receivable, usually at less than full value, to a financial entity.
  • Discovery sampling

    , discovery sampling is sampling to determine whether internal control compliance is greater than or less than the tolerable deviation rate when the expected...
  • Discretionary accrual

    , discretionary accrual is a non-mandatory expense/asset that is recorded within the accounting system that has yet to be realized. an example of this...
  • Discretionary budgeting

    , discretionary budgeting see discretionary spending .
  • Discretionary cost

    , discretionary cost can be increased or decreased at the discretion of the decision maker (e.g., advertising and business travel).
  • Discretionary income

    , discretionary income means the amount of a companys income available for spending after the essentials have been met. see disposable income .
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