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Lead schedule

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LEAD SCHEDULE, in accounting, is a working paper with columnar headings similar to those in a working trial balance, set up to combine similar ledger accounts the total of which appears in the working trial balance as a single amount.

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  • Lead-time

    , lead-time is the time between the initial stage of a project or policy and the appearance of results, for example, the long lead-time in oil production...
  • Lease rate factor

    , lease rate factor is the periodic lease or rental payment expressed as a percentage (or decimal equivalent) of equipment cost. used to calculate payments...
  • Leasehold improvements

    , leasehold improvements are those repairs and / or improvements, usually prior to occupancy, made to a leased facility by the lessee. the cost is then...
  • Least-squared method

    , least-squared method of approximating cost is a statistical approach that is both objective and considers all the data points. by using mathematical...
  • Legal entity

    , legal entity is a person or organization that has the legal standing to enter into contracts and may be sued for failure to perform as agreed in the...
  • Legally mandated

    , legally mandated is that which is required by law, e.g. the ratio of majority inhabitant vs. minority new-hire quotas in a legislated work environment.
  • Legitimacy theory

    , legitimacy theory posits that businesses are bound by the social contract in which the firms agree to perform various socially desired actions in return...
  • Lehman formula

    , lehman formula is a compensation formula originally developed by investment bankers lehman brothers for investment banking services:- 5% of the first...
  • Lek (lek㋩

    , short term investments are fixed income investments that mature in less than one year.
  • Lemons and plums

    , lemons and plums, in finance, lemon is an investment with a poor or negative rate of return; and, plum is an investment with a healthy rate of return.
  • Lempira

    , escrow account see trust account .
  • Leone

    , straight-line method see straight-line depreciation method .
  • Less than container load

    , less than container load (lcl) is a shipment in which the freight does not completely fill the container; or a particular consignors freight when combined...
  • Letter of authorization

    , letter of authorization (loa) is a form that permits a donor to provide written instructions to transfer a stock certificate in the donor's name in full...
  • Letter of awareness

    , letter of awareness is a formal letter written to a lender, normally by a parent company, acknowledging its relationship with another group company and...
  • Letter of credit, confirmed

    , letter of credit, confirmed is a letter of credit that is guaranteed by a bank that is acceptable to a seller (usually a local bank), regardless of buyers...
  • Letter of credit, irrevocable

    , letter of credit, irrevocable is a letter of credit where payment is guaranteed as long as the seller meets all conditions stipulated. a revocable letter...
  • Letter of guarantee

    , letter of guarantee is a written promise issued by a bank to compensate (pay a sum of money) to the beneficiary (third party, local or foreign) in the...
  • Letter of intent

    , letter of intent (loi) is a document that describes the preliminary understanding between parties who intend to make a contract or join together in another...
  • Leu (lei)

    , p as the fifth letter in a nasdaq stock symbol indicates that the issue is first class of preferred shares in the company.
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