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Non-interest bearing bond

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NON-INTEREST BEARING BOND is a bond issued at a discount from its par value and not paying any interest to the holder. The interest earned is determined by the difference between the redemption price and the purchased price. U.S. Treasury bills are an example of non-interest bearing bonds.

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  • Non-interest income

    , non-interest income, in securities, is comprised of service fees and trading and other income, excluding gains/losses on securities transactions.
  • Non-monetary asset

    , non-monetary asset see monetary asset .
  • Non-operating assets

    , non-operating assets is assets not necessary to ongoing operations of the business enterprise.
  • Non-performing asset

    , non-performing asset is an asset not effectual in the production of income. for example, in banking, commercial loans 90 days past due and consumer loans...
  • Non-professional subscriber

    , non-professional subscriber means any natural person who is neither: (a) registered or qualified in any capacity with the sec, the commodities futures...
  • Non-trade debt

    , non-trade debt is that debt where invoices are issued to individuals not suppliers (trade).
  • Noncallable

    , noncallable is a bond exempt from call by the issuer for a stated period of time.
  • Noncompetitive bid

    , noncompetitive bid, in securities, is a bid allowed to be placed on a noncompetitive basis by the u.s. treasury at one of its securities...
  • Noncurrent liabilities

    , noncurrent liabilities are liabilities that represent money the entity owes one year or more in the future. there are many line items in this category,...
  • Nonissuer

    , nonissuer means all entities except for those that register their securities with the sec.
  • Nonprofit organization

    , nonprofit organization is one that has committed legally not to distribute any net earnings (profits) to individuals with control over it such as members,...
  • Nonrecurring

    , nonrecurring is an income statement item that is infrequent in occurrence or unusual in nature.
  • Nonrefundable bond

    , nonrefundable bond is a bond issue that cannot be redeemed for a stated period of time using the proceeds from a new, lower-cost issue to finance...
  • Nonsampling risk

    , nonsampling risk is audit risk not due to sampling. an auditor may apply a procedure to all transactions or balances and fail to detect a material misstatement....
  • Nopat

    , nopat see net operation profit after taxes .
  • Noplat

    , noplat is net operating profit less adjusted taxes.
  • Normal balance

    , normal balance, in accounting, is the side of an account, whether debit or credit, to which increases to the account are recorded.
  • Normal loss

    , normal loss takes into account the nature of many process operations is such that the output volume is frequently less than the input volume. because...
  • Normal profit

    , normal profit is the opportunity cost of using entrepreneurial abilities in the production of a good, or the profit that could have been received by...
  • Normal rate of return

    , normal rate of return, for individuals, is the average rate of return on all investments, i.e. the average of all returns yields the normal rate of return....
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