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a tray, esp. one used for serving food or beverages.

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  • Salvia

    any plant of the genus salvia, comprising the sages, having opposite leaves and whorled flowers.
  • Salvo

    a simultaneous or successive discharge of artillery, bombs, etc., a round of fire given as a salute., a round of cheers or applause., noun, bombardment...
  • Salvor

    a person who salvages or helps to salvage a ship, cargo, etc.
  • Sam

    a male given name, form of samuel., a female given name, form of samantha.
  • Samara

    an indehiscent, usually one-seeded, winged fruit, as of the elm or maple.
  • Samaritan

    an inhabitant of samaria., good samaritan., ( often lowercase ) one who is compassionate and helpful to a person in distress., any of the dialects of aramaic...
  • Samba

    a rhythmic, brazilian ballroom dance of african origin., to dance the samba.
  • Sambo

    a black person., a latin american of black and indian or mulatto ancestry.
  • Sambur

    a deer, cervus unicolor, of india, sri lanka, southeastern asia, the east indies, and the philippines, having three-pointed antlers.
  • Same

    identical with what is about to be or has just been mentioned, being one or identical though having different names, aspects, etc., agreeing in kind, amount,...
  • Sameness

    the state or quality of being the same; identity; uniformity., lack of variety; monotony., noun, noun, difference , dissimilarity , variableness , variety,...
  • Samisen

    a guitarlike japanese musical instrument having an extremely long neck and three strings, played with a plectrum.
  • Samite

    a heavy silk fabric, sometimes interwoven with gold, worn in the middle ages.
  • Samlet

    a young salmon.
  • Sammy

    a male given name, form of samuel., a female given name, form of samantha., samuel ( sammy ), born 1968, u.s. baseball player, born in the dominican republic.
  • Samoan

    pertaining to samoa or its polynesian people., a native or inhabitant of samoa., the polynesian language of samoa.
  • Samovar

    a metal urn, used esp. by russians for heating water for making tea.
  • Sampan

    any of various small boats of the far east, as one propelled by a single scull over the stern and provided with a roofing of mats.
  • Samphire

    a european succulent plant, crithmum maritimum, of the parsley family, having compound leaves and small, whitish flowers, growing in clefts of rock near...
  • Sample

    a small part of anything or one of a number, intended to show the quality, style, or nature of the whole; specimen., statistics . a subset of a population,...
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