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Adjective Electricity .

of or pertaining to a circuit, system, or device that is energized by three electromotive forces that differ in phase by one third of a cycle or 120?.
having three phases.

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  • Three-piled

    fig., accustomed to wearing three-pile; hence, of high rank, or wealth. [obs.] "three-piled people." --beau. & fl., extravagant ; exaggerated ; high...
  • Three-ply

    consisting of three thicknesses, laminations, strands, or the like.
  • Three-point landing

    an aircraft landing in which the two wheels of the main landing gear and the tail or nose wheel touch the ground simultaneously., noun, normal landing...
  • Three-quarter

    consisting of or involving three quarters of a whole or of the usual length, (of a portrait) showing the face as seen from in front and somewhat to the...
  • Threefold

    a unit of stage scenery consisting of three flats hinged together., comprising three parts, members, or aspects; triple, three times as great or as much;...
  • Threepence

    ( used with a singular or plural verb ) british . a sum of three pennies., a former cupronickel coin of the united kingdom, a quarter of a shilling, equal...
  • Threepenny

    of the amount or value of threepence., of little worth.
  • Threescore

    being or containing three times twenty; sixty.
  • Threesome

    consisting of three; threefold., performed or played by three persons., three forming a group., something in which three persons participate, as certain...
  • Threnode

  • Threnody

    a poem, speech, or song of lamentation, esp. for the dead; dirge; funeral song., noun, dirge , elegy , poem , requiem , song
  • Thresh

    to separate the grain or seeds from (a cereal plant or the like) by some mechanical means, as by beating with a flail or by the action of a threshing machine.,...
  • Thresher

    a person or thing that threshes., also, thrasher. also called thresher shark. a large shark of the genus alopias, esp. a. vulpinus, which threshes the...
  • Threshing

    the separation of grain or seeds from the husks and straw; "they used to do the threshing by hand but now there are machines to do it"
  • Threshing machine

    a machine for removing grains and seeds from straw and chaff.
  • Threshold

    the sill of a doorway., the entrance to a house or building., any place or point of entering or beginning, also called limen. psychology, physiology ....
  • Threw

    a pt. of throw.
  • Thrice

    three times, as in succession; on three occasions or in three ways., in threefold quantity or degree., very; extremely.
  • Thrift

    economical management; economy; frugality., also called thrift institution. banking . a savings and loan association, savings bank, or credit union., also...
  • Thriftiness

    practicing thrift or economical management; frugal, thriving, prosperous, or successful., thriving physically; growing vigorously., noun, a thrifty shopper...
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