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  1. Pharmaceuticals and personal care products
  2. Pollution Prevention and Control Planning
  3. Polypropylene co-polymer

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  • PPCR

    Project Number Cross-Reference File Part Number Cross-Reference File

    Program and Project Customer Support Team
  • PPCT

    Partition Privilege Control Table Post-Post Control Team
  • PPCU

    Port Power Conditioning Unit Partial Payload Checkout Unit
  • PPCW

    Protected process cooling water
  • PPCX

    American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners - also AAPRCO
  • PPCs

    Pancreatic pseudocysts - also PP and PPC Pulmonary complications - also PPC and PC Perinatal complications
  • PPD

    Purified protein derivative PostScript Printer Description Physical Page of Data Prepaid - also PP, p.p., ppd. and prepd Postpartum depression - also PD...
  • PPD-PC

    Paraphenylenediamine-pyrocatechol P-phenylenediamine-pyrocatechol
  • PPDA

    KHANTY MANSIYSK OIL CORP. P-phenylenediamine - also PPD and pPhDA Paraphenylenediamine - also ppd
  • PPDB

    Past Performance Data Base Prime Parameter Data Base Point Positioning Data Base
  • PPDD

    Preliminary project design description Plan Position Data Display PREPAID DEPOT, INC. P-phenylenediamine dihydrochloride

    Plutonium process design and development
  • PPDF

    Portable Postscript Document Format

    Pre/Post Deployment Health Assessment
  • PPDI

    Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. Plant process display instrumentation

    Pre-power-dependent insertion limit
  • PPDK

    Phosphate dikinase Pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase
  • PPDL

    Preliminary PDL Point to Point Data Link PAW PAW DISTRICT LIBRARY
  • PPDN

    Public Packet Data Network
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