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  • Ampere - also AMP Artery - also ART Aerial - also AE Amplitude - also Ap, Ampl, AMP, Am, AMPLTD and amptd Adenine - also Ad and Ade Acre - also ac and a. Absorbance - also Abs Alpha - also AP Advanced - also ADV Administrative - also ADMIN Accommodation - also accom, acc and ACC/ACCOM ACCUMULATOR - also ACC, ACCU, ACCUM, ACT, AC and Accumr Acceleration - also ACC, ACCEL and Ac Antenna - also ANT Amber - also am and amb Aperture - also APERT and Ap Availability - also AV, AVBL, avlbl and AVAIL Audio - also AU and AUD Adriamycin - also adria, adr, aa, ADM, AM, Ad and ADRM Abortion - also ab and abo Alanine - also ala and Alan Analysis - also ANAL and ANLYS Asymptomatic - also ASX, AS, ASY, ASP and ASYM Assessment - also Asst Assault - also ASL and ASLT Ante - also a.
  • Arne \"Bob\" Sanford Library
    Thể loại: Education
  • Approach and Landing - also A/L and AL Arts and Letters
    Thể loại: EducationScience
  • After-School Plus Program
    Thể loại: Education
  • Atomic absorption - also AAS Associate Administrator Alternatives Analysis Aluminum Association Assistant Administrator Assembly Area Auto Answer Access authorization Accountable Area Activation analysis - also actvnanal Adverse Action Advices of Allowance American Airlines Antiaircraft Automobile Association Associate in Arts Absolute alcohol Academic Affairs Acetic acid - also Ac, AC A, Acet A and AcOH Adipic acid - also ADA and Adip Acrylic acid - also AAc and Acrl Arachidonic acid - also ArAc and ARA Avenue of Approach - also A/A Air-to-Air - also A/A and A-A Afferent arteriole - also Af-Art Afferent arterioles - also AAs, Aff, Af, Af-Arts and Af-Art Acetate - also ACA, AC, Ac-, ACE, aTA and actt Abnormal metaphases - also AN Average - also AVG, av, ave, AVGE, av. and A Acetazolamide - also ACTZ, ACZ, Az, AZM, AZA, ACET, ATZ and ACZM Azelaic acid - also AZA Acetaminophen - also ACM, ACETA, AAP, AP, ACT, ACET, ACAP, AC and ACE Amino acid mixture - also AAM Acrylamide - also ACR, AAM, AM, AC and ACAM Autoantibodies - also AAs, A-Ab, AAB, aAbs, AutoAb, Abs, AB, autoAbs and ATA Atypical antipsychotics - also AAPs Adriamycin - also adria, adr, a, ADM, AM, Ad and ADRM Ablation - also ABL and A Acetylacetone - also ACAC Acetaldehyde - also AcH, AcA, ACT, Ac, ACE and ACD Acetanilide - also Actld Allyl alcohol - also AlOH Alopecia - also alo Allowance - also ALW, a and Allow Alumina - also Al2O3, Al and A Anesthesia - also anes, ANA and ASA Amnesia - also AMN American - also am and Amer Anorexia - also anx and AN Argininic acid - also ArgA Associated - also assocd and asso. Astrocytomas - also AAs, AST, ASTRs and AS Astronomy and Astrophysics - also A&A and Astron Astrophys Antioxidant activity - also AOX and AOA Air to Air - also A/A and ATA Alterations - also ATAs Atypical - also atyp, AC and A Airborne Antenna - also A/A Anti-aircraft - also A/A Alerting Authority - also A/A Algorithmic Architecture - also A2 Anti-armor - also A2
  • Academic Achievement and Accountability Commission Affirmative Action Advisory Committee Academic Affairs Advisory Committee African American Alumni Council Anti-Armor Automatic Cannon AUTOAUCTION.COM, INC.
  • American Association for Adult and Continuing Education American Association for Adult Continuing Education
    Thể loại: Education
  • Aromatic amino acid decarboxylase Amebsa Academy Of Art Desgn Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase All arms for air defense Area Automated Air Defense
    Thể loại: EducationMedicalMilitary
  • Attendance Area Advisory Group
    Thể loại: Education
  • Advanced Air-to-Air Missile Advanced Air to Air Missile Alumni Association Of Applied Mathematics
  • Alaskan Air Command Acquisition Advice Code ALLIANCE Advanced Audio Coding - also AAG Activity Address Code Aeronautics Advisory Council Acceptable Ambient Concentration Advanced Airspace Concept Army Air Corps Association of American Colleges Australian Agricultural Council Ableauctions.Com Inc Academic Advisory Committee ABLEAUCTIONS.COM, INC. Acalculous cholecystitis - also AC and ACC Academy of Art College Access alarms custodian Accessibility Advisory Committee Acrylic acid - also AA and Acrl Aortic coarctation - also AC and AoCo
  • Association of American Colleges and Universities - also AACU
    Thể loại: Education
  • American Association for Clinical Chemistry American Association for Contamination Control Air Approach Control Center Allied Tactical Air Force Airspace Coordination Center American Association of Christian Counselors Anti Air Command Center Asian American Comparative Collection Asian American Coalition Committee Association for Clinical Chemistry Austin Air Conditioning Contractors Association All Africa Conference of Churches Anne Arundel Community College Asset Acceptance Capital Corp. Association of Cereal Chemists
  • Association of Advisers in Craft Design and Technology
    Thể loại: Education
  • American Association of Cost Engineers Association for Adult and Continuing Education Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering American Association of Coast Engineers Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education Ace Cash Express, Inc. Afternoon Academic Challenge And Enrichment Aircraft Alerting Communications Electromagnetic Pulse American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Aircraft Alerting Communication EMP Association for Cancer Education Association of Clinical Endocrinologists
  • American Association of Community and Junior Colleges
    Thể loại: Education
    Thể loại: Education
  • Association of Critical-Care Nurses Acinar cell nodules - also AACNs American Association of Colleges of Nursing Association of Colleges of Nursing
    Thể loại: EducationMedical
    Thể loại: Education Protection Status
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  • 23/11/20 01:51:55
    Các bác ơi liệu trong tiếng Việt có từ nào tương đương với "co-emperor" không? Bối cảnh La Mã có 2 vị hoàng đế cùng trị vì ạ.
  • 23/11/20 08:51:29
    We specialise in non-conforming, mezzanine, non-bank funding, private funding, along with the availability of our own funds.
  • 23/11/20 08:45:56
    Chào mọi người, mình mới tham gia vào nhóm. Nhờ mọi người dịch giúp mình đoạn này được không. Rất cảm ơn mọi người.
    " We specialise in non-conforming, mezzanine, non-bank funding, private funding, along with the availability of our own funds."
    • Sáu que Tre
      1 · 23/11/20 09:52:42
  • 22/11/20 01:29:23
    Mọi người cho mình hỏi là khu nhà của quan lại ngày xưa, những người nhà giàu ở thì được gọi là gì vậy?
    • Sáu que Tre
      0 · 23/11/20 10:14:09
      • Tây Tây
        Trả lời · 23/11/20 10:41:36
  • 21/11/20 05:36:57
    Mọi người cho em hỏi từ "back washing" trong chuyên ngành bể bơi có nghĩa là gì ạ? Em cảm ơn:)
  • 20/11/20 05:24:03
    Three ingredients are basic to gear drive maintenance:
    Mọi người dịch giúp em ba yếu tố bảo dưỡng bánh răng cơ bản với ạ !!! em cám ơn
    Proper Support & Mounting
    Proper Alignment of Input & Output
    Proper Lubrication
    • Sáu que Tre
      0 · 23/11/20 10:01:32
    • Sáu que Tre
      0 · 23/11/20 10:05:44
  • 19/11/20 02:15:48
    "In the meantime, keep us honest and don’t stop with the feedback."
    Câu này dịch sao ạ mọi người? Em cảm ơn.
    • Nguyen nguyen
      0 · 20/11/20 12:26:15
    • Sáu que Tre
      0 · 20/11/20 09:46:48
  • 18/11/20 09:13:28
    câu này dịch sao mọi người ơi? "Location and availability of known reference material on the chemical hazards"
    • Tây Tây
      0 · 18/11/20 10:39:23