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(7076 từ)

  • American Samoa - also AS and ASM Account sales - also A/S
    Thể loại: BusinessLocations
  • IATA code for Cayana Airstrip, Awaradam, Suriname
    Thể loại: Locations
  • Alive And Kicking Asleep At Keyboard IATA code for Aranuka Airport, Aranuka, Kiribati
    Thể loại: LocationsPhrases
  • IATA code for Vityazevo Airport, Anapa, Russia
    Thể loại: Locations
  • Association of American Railroads After Action Review After Action Report At Any Rate - also AAR8 Accumulation-area ratio Air to Air Refuelling Against all risks - also a.a.r. Air to Air Refueling Aircraft Accident Report Association Of Authors Representatives Automatic Alternative Routing Alkali-aggregate reaction Active Antenna Radar Afar Accelerated acute rejection Active avoidance reaction Adaptive autoregressive Adobe Acrobat Reader Abnormal anaphase resolution Acute articular rheumatism Antibody-mediated rejection - also AbAR and AMR
  • Anti Air Warfare Air acetylene welding African-American women Anterior aortic wall Air-to-Air Warfare American Women Anti-air warfare Anti-Aircraft Warfare Australian albino Wistar IATA code for Abbottabad Airport, Abbottabad, Pakistan Active Aeroelastic Wing Advanced Attack Weapon Air to Air Warfare Air-to-Air Weapons Anti-Aircraft Automatic Weapon
  • American Agricultural Chemical Company IATA code for Araxa Airport, Araxá, Minas Gerais, Brazil Agrico Chemical Company
    Thể loại: LocationsOrganizations
  • IATA code for Al Ghaydah Airport, Al Ghaydah, Yemen
    Thể loại: Locations
  • IATA code for King Abdul-Aziz Naval Base, Jubail, Saudi Arabia IATA code for Quetzaltenango Airport, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
    Thể loại: Locations
  • Air Base Assembly Bill Alberta - also Alb, ALTA, A and Alba Address Bus Arc brazing Answer Back Able-bodied Advanced Bus Aharonov-Bohm Airbrake Aktiebolag Alcian blue Antibody - also abo and A Ass backwards All-Bond 2 - also AB2 Antibodies - also ab-, ABS and aId Apical to basolateral - also AP-BL Avionics Bay - also AV BAY Azobenzene - also AzB and Az Autoantibodies - also AAs, A-Ab, AAB, aAbs, AutoAb, Abs, autoAbs, AA and ATA Abdominal - also Abd, A and Abdom Abdomen - also abdom, abd and A Aerodrome Beacon - also ABN and ABE Abnormal - also a/n, abn, abnl and ABNML Airborne - also abn and A Asymptomatic bacteriuria - also abu and asb Alliance Capital Management Holding L.P. - also ACG, ADF, AMF, AMU and AOF Abortion - also abo and a Antibiotic - also ATB and ABx Antibiotics - also abx, Abs and ATB Almitrine bismesylate - also ALM Albumin - also alb, Al and A Amygdaloid body - also AMY Amphotericin B - also AMB, AmphB, AMPHO, AMP, AmphoB, AMPH and AMPH-B Arsenobetaine - also AsB and AsBe Autologous blood - also AUB Autoantibody - also autoAb, AAb and ATA Artium Baccalaureus - also A.B. Acinetobacter baumannii - also a baumannii
  • Actual Bodily Harm Association of Behavioral Healthcare IATA code for Alpha Airport, Alpha, Queensland, Australia Angina bullosa haemorrhagica
  • Adjustable Buoyancy Jacket IATA code for Port Bouet Airport, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
    Thể loại: LocationsOrganizations
  • IATA code for Albuquerque International Sunport, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
    Thể loại: Locations
  • American Board of Urology Acceptance for Beneficial Use Ahmadu Bello University Alpha-aminobutyric acid Alliance Biblique Universelle Alpha-aminobutyrate Adult Bovine Unit Alpha-amino-n-butyric acid Analog backup IATA code for Haliwen Airport, Atambua, Indonesia Asymptomatic bacteriuria - also asb and AB
  • Above Auxiliary building ventilation Actinomycin d, bleomycin, vincristine Air By-pass Valve Anti-Backfire Valve IATA code for Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, Nigeria Assault Breaching Vehicle Accredited in Business Valuation Adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine Africanized bee venom
  • Antarctic Bottom Water - also AABW Airbase Wing Appropriate birth weight Adjusted body weight Actual body weight Airborne waste Apparent beam width ARUBA - also AW and A IATA code for Abau Airport, Abau, Papua New Guinea
  • Abitibi-Consolidated, Inc. IATA code for Southwest Georgia Regional Airport, Albany, Georgia, United States
    Thể loại: LocationsOrganizations
  • IATA code for Dyce Airport, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom Aminobenzoic acid Albendazole - also ALB
    Thể loại: LocationsMedical
  • Automated Clearing House ALLIS CHALMERS Air Changes per Hour AUTOMATIC CLEARING HOUSE Acetylcholine - also AcCho, AcCh and Ac AUTO TECH Acetaldehyde - also AA, AcA, ACT, Ac, ACE and ACD Adrenal cortical hormone Advanced combat helmet Achondroplasia Acethylcholine Acetylcholinesterase - also ach esterase, ache, ace, AChE-R, AChEase, AcChE, AChase, Ach-E and AcChoEase Acetycholine Acetylcholinergic Acrodermatitis continua of Hallopeau ACCS Common Hardware Acetylcholine chloride Acoli Acetyicholine Alpha-Chlorohydrin - also alpha-CH
  • Artificially constructed junction Amelocemental junction of tooth IATA code for Souther Field, Americus, Georgia, United States Acromioclavicular joint - also AC and ACJT Amelocemental junction
    Thể loại: LocationsMedicalScience
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  • 24/07/21 01:40:53
    mọi người ơi cho em hỏi cụm collocation "city skyline" là gì ạ?
    Cám ơn trước ạ
  • 20/07/21 04:39:57
    Mọi người ơi cho em hỏi muốn tìm từ đồng nghĩa việt-việt thì làm cách nào ạ?(think)
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
  • 17/07/21 03:45:51
    R buổi chiều vui vẻ..
    Xin nhờ các cao nhân tư vấn giúp em, cái two-by-two ở đây hiểu thế nào ạ. Ngữ cảnh: bốc xếp hàng hóa. Em cám ơn
    "It is not allowed to join several unit loads together with any fixation method. A unit load shall
    always be handled as a separate unit and never joining together two-by-two. This is valid for both
    horizontal and vertical joining for unit loads. This requirement is also applicable for filling solutions,
    except for load safety reasons.
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
    • PBD
      1 · 18/07/21 10:22:25
      • midnightWalker
        Trả lời · 20/07/21 09:52:37
  • 16/07/21 09:01:24
    Mọi người ơi cho em hỏi trong câu này:
    It is said that there are 2 types of people of humans in this world.
    A drive to "life" - humans who are ruled by "Eros"
    A drive to "death" - humans who are rules by "Thanatos"
    Thì từ drive ở đây em dùng "động lực" có được không ạ? Vì nếu dùng động lực em vẫn thấy nó chưa chính xác lắm í
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
    • PBD
      2 · 18/07/21 10:27:26
      • ZiPei
        Trả lời · 1 · 19/07/21 04:42:36
  • 18/07/21 06:18:28
    " rotator cuff " nghĩa là chóp xoay phải không các bạn?
  • 12/07/21 02:36:41
    Every move must have a purpose
    • Danny Lê
      1 · 13/07/21 03:32:35