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DOLLARIZATION is the use of U.S. dollars by a country as its own currency; the linking of a currency's value to that of the U.S. dollar; or, the use of the U.S. dollar for accounting purposes.

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  • , dollarization is the use of u.s. dollars by a country as its own

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  • Donated assets

    , donated assets are assets received in a voluntary non-reciprocal transfer from another entity such as gifts of capital assets; usually voluntary contributions...
  • Donated capital

    , donated capital is a gift of assets to a company, usually by state or local governments, to induce a business to relocate to their jurisdiction.
  • Dong

    , dong is a currency of cambodia, laos, vietnam, and south vietnam.
  • Doomsday ratio

    , doomsday ratio is related to the quick (acid test) ratio in that it is a conservative approach to debt coverage. the doomsday ratio only considers the...
  • Double accounting

    , double accounting is the un-intentional, or sometimes fraudulently intentional, double counting of assets or liabilities, or any other datasets, which,...
  • Double declining balance depreciation

    , double declining balance depreciation see declining balance depreciation method .
  • Double dipping

    , double dipping is two incomes received from the same source (as by holding a government job and receiving a government pension.
  • Double leverage

    , double leverage usually refers to a situation where a holding company raises debt and downstreams it as equity capital, or subordinated debt, to a subsidiary,...
  • Double rule

    , double rule is a double line drawn under an amount when the amounts above are totals and no other entries will be made.
  • Double-entry accounting

    , double-entry accounting is a system of recording transactions in a way that maintains the equality of the accounting equation. the accounting technique...

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  • 15/04/21 10:50:17
    Mọi người cho em hỏi "add to it" dịch thế nào ạ:
    There is plenty to fight outside of our own walls. I certainly won't add to it.
    Thanks ạ.
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      0 · 15/04/21 01:44:41
      • thanmakiemkhack
        Trả lời · 15/04/21 08:04:38
  • 14/04/21 07:36:16
    A slip is no cause for shame. We are not our missteps. We are the step that follows.
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    • blehh
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  • 12/04/21 10:26:52
    Cho em hỏi nghi thức "bar mitzvahed (bar and bat mitzvah)" này thì nên việt hoá như nào ạ?
    • dienh
      1 · 13/04/21 07:51:12
  • 10/04/21 06:09:04
    Xin chào mọi người.
    Mọi người cho mình hỏi cụm từ "traning corpus penalized log-likelihood" trong "The neural net language model is trained to find θ, which maximizes the training corpus penalized log-likelihood" nghĩa là gì với ạ. Cái log-likelihood kia là một cái hàm toán học ạ.
    Cảm ơn mọi người rất nhiều.
    • dienh
      0 · 11/04/21 04:28:14
    • Bibi
      0 · 12/04/21 09:49:00
  • 09/04/21 01:44:01
    Cho em hỏi từ "gender business" có nghĩa là gì thế ạ? Với cả từ "study gender" là sao? Học nhân giống gì đó à?
    • Sáu que Tre
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    • dienh
      1 · 10/04/21 04:12:42
  • 09/04/21 12:14:02
    Cho em hỏi "hype train" nên dịch sao cho mượt ạ?
    When something is so anticipated, like anything new, that you must board the Hype Train
    ex: A new game on steam! All aboard the god damn Hype Train!
  • 08/04/21 09:20:41
    Chào Rừng, Mị mới tìm lại được nick ạ :'(
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    • Huy Quang
      1 · 08/04/21 10:05:35
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      0 · 09/04/21 08:50:24
  • 08/04/21 11:10:11
    "You can't just like show up to like the after party for a shiva and like reap the benefits of the buffet."
    Theo ngữ cảnh trên thì cho em hỏi từ "shiva" ở đây có nghĩa là gì thế ạ? Mong mọi người giải đáp
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
    • Nguyen nguyen
      1 · 08/04/21 12:55:26
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