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House party

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the entertainment of guests for one or more nights at one's home, a fraternity or sorority house, etc.
the guests at such an affair or party
The house party goes sailing today.

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  • House physician

    a resident physician in a hospital, hotel, or other public institution.
  • House top

    the top or roof of a house. ?, from the housetops, publicly; generally, the day i got my promotion i wanted to shout it from the housetops .
  • House wares

    articles of household equipment, as kitchen utensils, or glassware.
  • House warming

    a party to celebrate a person's or family's move to a new home.
  • Houseboat

    a flat-bottomed, bargelike boat fitted for use as a floating dwelling but not for rough water., to travel or live on a houseboat.
  • Housebreaker

    a person who breaks into and enters a house with a felonious intent., british ., noun, a worker or wrecking company that demolishes houses and buildings,...
  • Housedress

    a relatively simple and inexpensive dress suitable for housework.
  • Houseful

    as many as a house will accommodate, as much as a house will hold, a houseful of weekend guests ., he had several housefuls of furniture .
  • Household

    the people of a house collectively; a family including its servants., of or pertaining to a household, for use in maintaining a home, esp. for use in cooking,...
  • Householder

    a person who holds title to or occupies a house., the head of a family., noun, homeowner , landlord , mortgagee , owner
  • Housekeeper

    a person, often hired, who does or directs the domestic work and planning necessary for a home, as cleaning or buying food., an employee of a hotel, hospital,...
  • Housekeeping

    the maintenance of a house or domestic establishment., the management of household affairs., the management, care, and servicing of property and equipment...
  • Houseleek

    also called old-man-and-old-woman. a succulent plant, sempervivum tectorum, of the stonecrop family, native to europe, having reddish flowers and leaves...
  • Houseless

    without a house or houses., homeless.
  • Housemaid

    a female servant employed in general domestic work in a home, esp. to do housework.
  • Housemaster

    a man who is in charge of a house or a dormitory in a private school for boys.
  • Housewares

    articles of household equipment, as kitchen utensils, or glassware.
  • Housewife

    a married woman who manages her own household, esp. as her principal occupation., british . a sewing box; a small case or box for needles, thread, etc.,...
  • Housewifely

    of, like, or befitting a housewife.
  • Housewifery

    the function or work of a housewife; housekeeping.
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