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Just as if


まるっきり [丸っきり]
まるっきり [丸っ切り]

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  • Just as much as

    Mục lục 1 n 1.1 ぶんだけ [分だけ] 2 n,n-suf,pref 2.1 ぶん [分] n ぶんだけ [分だけ] n,n-suf,pref ぶん [分]
  • Just as one likes

    adv おもいおもい [思い思い]
  • Just as one wishes

    n のぞみどおり [望み通り] のぞみしだい [望み次第]
  • Just barely

    adj-na,adv,n ぎりぎり
  • Just because

    Mục lục 1 conj 1.1 だからといって [だからと言って] 2 n 2.1 からといって [からと言って] conj だからといって [だからと言って]...
  • Just before

    Mục lục 1 n-adv,n-t 1.1 ちょくぜん [直前] 2 n 2.1 まぎわに [間際に] 2.2 まぎわ [間際] n-adv,n-t ちょくぜん [直前] n まぎわに...
  • Just before noon

    Mục lục 1 n-adv,n-t 1.1 ひるまえ [昼前] 2 n 2.1 こひる [小昼] n-adv,n-t ひるまえ [昼前] n こひる [小昼]
  • Just cause

    n めいぶん [名分]
  • Just in front of

    Mục lục 1 n 1.1 すんぜん [寸前] 2 io,n 2.1 まむかい [真向い] 3 adj-na,n 3.1 まむき [真向き] n すんぜん [寸前] io,n まむかい...
  • Just in time

    adj-na,n すれすれ [擦れ擦れ]
  • Just like

    Mục lục 1 adv 1.1 さながら [宛ら] 2 n 2.1 とおなじように [と同じように] adv さながら [宛ら] n とおなじように [と同じように]
  • Just like that (lit: in the time it takes to say "Ah!")

    exp あっというまに [あっという間に] あっというまに [あっと言う間に]
  • Just looking at goods

    n ひやかし [冷やかし]
  • Just made

    n できたて [出来立て]
  • Just manage to do st

    adv かろうじて [辛うじて]
  • Just now

    Mục lục 1 adv,int,n,uk 1.1 ただいま [只今] 1.2 ただいま [ただ今] 2 adv 2.1 たったいま [たった今] 3 n-adv,n 3.1 いま [今] 4...
  • Just off the press

    n すりたて [刷り立て]
  • Just on the point of

    n-adv,n-t まぎわ [真際]
  • Just opposite

    n まんまえに [真ん前に]
  • Just out of the bath

    n ふろあがり [風呂上がり]
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