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  1. WithOut - also WO, S, with, Ex., sin. and sn.
  2. Water-in-oil
  3. Written Off
  4. Write off - also WOFF
  5. Wide open
  6. Work Order - also WO
  7. Weight/percent
  8. Water/oil

Thuộc thể loại

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  • W/P

    Withdrawal Passing
  • W/PC

    Work/passenger car
  • W/R

    Warehouse receipt - also WR, whs. rec. and wr. Weather Radar - also WR, WX and WXR
  • W/S

    Work Station - also WS Wind Shear - also WS Work Stand Weapon system - also WS WORDS PER SECOND - also WPS With Specifications Workshare
  • W/W

    Wheel Well Weight for weight White/widowed White-on-white - also W-W
  • W/WTSD

    Westinghouse Waste Technology Services Division
  • W/a

    When awake While awake Weight for age Weight/age Weakness atrophy
  • W/b

    Welcome back - also WB Write back - also WB Wheelbase Wire bonding - also WB
  • W/c

    Wheelchair - also wc Wall Collar WORST CASE
  • W/h

    Watt-Hour - also WH Waist-to-hip ratio - also WHR and WHpR Waist/hip ratio Weight/height Waist/hip Weight-for-height
  • W/m

    Washing machine Writing Marker Watt per Metre
  • W/m2

    Watt per meter squared
  • W/n

    Within - also wi and W/I
  • W/o/w

    Water/oil/water Water-in-oil-in-water
  • W/sr

    Watt per steradian - also W/st
  • W/st

    Watt per steradian - also W/sr
  • W/t

    Wireless Telegraphy - also WT Wind Tunnel - also WT Wild-type - also wt- Withholding Tax WaterTight
  • W/u

    Workup With you Work up
  • W/v

    Weight by volume Weight to volume ratio Weight/volume Weight in/per volume
  • W/w+

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