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How To Be the Life Of the Party

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You don’t need to swing from a chandelier to be memorable. Be the life of the party without becoming an animal. PLAY

You Will Need

An outfit you love Confidence to exude Good conversation skills PLAY

Step 1: Wear something tried and true

Stick with a tried and true outfit. Wearing something too revealing or uncomfortable increases stress hormones.

Vibrant colors like red, magenta or royal blue project confidence and draw people to you, according to color studies. PLAY

Step 2: Be punctual

Show up on time. It may be “fashionable” to be late, but by then, groups will have formed – leaving you out in the cold. PLAY

Step 3: Act like the host

Act like the host. Offer to take a new arrival’s coat, show them where the buffet is set up, or get them a cocktail. It’s an easy way to break the ice. PLAY

Step 4: Fake being popular

Fake it! Pretending that you’re the most popular person at the party helps make it so by boosting endorphins and lowering stress hormones — making you the kind of happy, self-assured person others are drawn to. PLAY

Step 5: Stay on your feet

Stay on your feet. One of the biggest mistakes partygoers make is plopping themselves on the couch, making it impossible to mingle.

Find a conversational group you’d like to join, stand near them, and occasionally laugh at a joke or agree with someone’s viewpoint. In no time at all, you’ll be absorbed into the gang. PLAY

Step 6: Ask questions

Ask lots of questions. People love to talk about themselves, and appearing interested in others makes you more attractive.

Stay away from intellectual words. A Stanford University study showed that people who throw around SAT vocab are perceived as less intelligent. PLAY

Step 7: Compliment others

Pay compliments. People love them, and they’ll project their happiness onto you.

Third-party compliments are the most effective. “Everyone has been talking about how great you look in that dress!” packs more punch than a simple “Nice outfit.” PLAY

Step 8: Use people’s names

Use people’s names – a lot. You make a connection, and you prove that you’re listening at least part of the time. PLAY

Step 9: End on a strong note

End on a strong note. The last impression is even more powerful than the first. Try bringing up something the person told you earlier – more proof that you actually listen! PLAY

Did you know? Seventy-five percent of people say they’re shy in social situations. PLAY

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