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World news - January - 24th - 2015

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The latest headlines from BBC News – My name’s Mike Embley. PLAY

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has died. He was 90; been in the hospital for several weeks with pneumonia. He’s been succeeded by his half-brother Salman, who is 79. King Abdullah came to power ten years ago. He had been Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader though, for a decade before that. PLAY

The president of Yemen has resigned in protest at the takeover of the country’s capital by Shia rebels known as Houthi. It’s not clear if parliament will accept that decision. The Houthi leader has welcomed Mr. Hadi's decision and proposed setting up a presidential council to fill the political vacuum. PLAY

The Japanese government is saying it’s exploring every avenue to try to save two hostages who the jihadists of the group Islamic State say they’re holding. A video believed to be from IS, released on Tuesday, demanded a ransom of 200 million dollars to be paid within three days. PLAY


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