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3 Simple And Effective Ways For Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangement is not only one of the simple ways to help us heal our souls but also to make the living space more colorful. Discover 3 easy ways to arrange flowers and then keep them fresh for a long time now!


  1. Flower arrangement in the shape of a triangle

Flower arrangement in the shape of a triangle is both simple and eye-catching. We just need to arrange the flowers in a pointed direction from the top down and then spread the flower branches around (almost like a triangle). You should choose the largest, most beautiful and prominent flowers in the middle, and other flowers and leaves will be lowered around to create a highlight for your flower basket.


Eternal Bond flower basket arranged in a triangle shape


  1. Flower arrangement in the shape of a paper fan

 This type of flower arrangement is not only simple but also time-saving. We should choose the main flower spikes with a length of about 1.5 to 2 times the length of the vase and put them in the middle to create a highlight, then spread the shorter flower branches to the bottom and rounder around. With this type of fan, auspicious flowers, gladiolus, lilies and lilies will be the very suitable choice to decorate the dining table, reception desk, desk, ....

 Flower vase Wealthy Happiness vase with fan shape


  1. Flower arrangement in the shape of semicircle/crescent

Crescent flower arrangement requires a little more flexibility and ingenuity to arrange the flower spikes so that they look balanced and harmonious. Flowers will be arranged in an arc and radiate in opposite directions, the most prominent flower branches are usually arranged near the mouth of the vase. This type of plug should be planted with flowers and auxiliary leaves with soft, malleable stems to make it easier to create a crescent shape.


The Juliet Epiphany Rose Basket is arranged in a semicircle


  1. How to keep flowers fresh for a long time

To keep flower your beautiful and fresh flowers stay longer, the most important thing is to choose flower stems carefully:

- Choose straight flower stems , strong and green stem, dark green fresh leaves

- Observe the cut flowers, the cut with light fresh color will be newly cut flower branches, do not choose flower branches with old cuts and signs of bruising. black.

- Use 2 fingers to squeeze the flower gently to check the hardness and elasticity because the flower branches wither, the flower will be soft, the petals are old and slightly shriveled.


In addition, we also need to do a few more ways below to ensure that the flowers can last for the longest time but still keep their freshness and beauty”

- Choose the right vase for each type of flower

- Change the water and clean the flower arrangement regularly, make sure the vase is completely clean and not sticky with soap/washing liquid.

- Prune flowers that are wilted or wilted to avoid spreading to other flowers.

- Use solutions to help flowers stay fresh longer such as flower lotion, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or vodka.

 Impressive Vase Drop Impressive Vase


POTICO – Flowers for your beloved


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