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What phone is that?

  • “What phone is that?” is something I’ve heard non-stop over the past two weeks. That’s because I’ve been carrying around the Vertu Signature Touch For Bentley smartphone - an exquisitely designed phone that promises to deliver my every whim and command. Vertu has been making luxury smartphones for a number of years, and their latest model reflects the unique partnership the brand has with luxury car manufacturer Bentley. So just what can you get for a phone that costs almost twenty times more than an iPhone?

    Vertu likes to make a statement even before you’ve gotten your hands on their phone, and this comes through in the packaging. The box for the Signature Touch is huge, unveiling first the phone in a soft padded box followed by a matching leather carry case. Under that you have another box containing your warranty information, user manual, and other bits of bedtime reading. Lastly you’re presented with the wall charger and several travel power adapters, and a pair of Bang & Olufsen tuned headphones. I can’t help admitting that the phone itself is a work of art. The back is covered in gorgeous genuine Bentley leather in Beluga Black and Hotspur Red, along with contrasting red stitching. There’s a Bentley logo embossed into the black leather, just in case anyone needs a reminder of where the leather came from (or how expensive the phone is). 

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