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Non aggressive

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Mục lục


abstention from aggression, esp. by a nation.


of or pertaining to abstention from aggression
a nonaggression pact.

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  • Non alcoholic

    not being or containing alcohol, a person who is not an alcoholic., nonalcoholic beverages .
  • Non aligned

    not aligned, not allied with or favoring any other nation or bloc, a nonaligned person or nation., nonaligned machine parts ., nonaligned african nations...
  • Non alignment

    the state or condition of being nonaligned., a national policy repudiating political or military alliance with a world power, as the u.s. or the people's...
  • Non appearance

    failure to appear, as in a court.
  • Non attendance

    failure to attend, members of the society can be dropped for chronic nonattendance .
  • Non believer

    a person who lacks belief or faith, as in god, a religion, an idea, or an undertaking.
  • Non belligerent

    of or pertaining to a country whose status or policy is one of nonbelligerency., a nation that does not engage officially in a war but openly favors or...
  • Non com

    a noncommissioned officer.
  • Non combatant

    a person connected with a military force in some capacity other than that of a fighter, as a surgeon or chaplain., a person who is not directly involved...
  • Non committal

    not committing oneself, or not involving committal, to a particular view, course, or the like, the senator gave us a noncommittal answer .
  • Non compliance

    failure or refusal to comply, as with a law, regulation, or term of a contract.
  • Non conducting

    a substance that does not readily conduct heat, sound, or electricity.
  • Non conductor

    a substance that does not readily conduct heat, sound, or electricity.
  • Non contagious

    (of disease) not capable of being passed on[syn: noncommunicable ]
  • Non cooperation

    failure or refusal to cooperate., a method or practice, as that established in india by gandhi, of showing opposition to acts or policies of the government...
  • Non effective

    not effective., not fit for duty or active service, as a soldier or sailor., a noneffective person.
  • Non essential

    not essential; not necessary, a nonessential thing or person., nonessential use of gasoline was forbidden during the war .
  • Non existence

    absence of existence., a thing that has no existence.
  • Non existent

    absence of existence., a thing that has no existence.
  • Non ferrous

    (of a metal) containing little or no iron., noting or pertaining to metals other than iron or steel.
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