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Wind row

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Mục lục


a row or line of hay raked together to dry before being raked into heaps.
any similar row, as of sheaves of grain, made for the purpose of drying.
a row of dry leaves, dust, etc., swept together by the wind.

Verb (used with object)

to arrange in a windrow.

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Wind shield

    a shield of glass, in one or more sections, projecting above and across the dashboard of an automobile.
  • Wind tight

    so tight as to prevent passage of wind or air.
  • Wind up

    to change direction; bend; turn; take a frequently bending course; meander, to have a circular or spiral course or direction., to coil or twine about something,...
  • Windage

    the influence of the wind in deflecting a missile., the amount of such deflection., the degree to which a gunsight must be adjusted to correct for windage.,...
  • Windbag

    informal . an empty, voluble, pretentious talker., the bag of a bagpipe., noun, bag of wind , big talker , blabberer , blowhard * , boaster , braggart...
  • Windblown

    blown by the wind, (of trees) growing in a certain shape because of strong prevailing winds., (of a hair style) bobbed short, with the ends combed toward...
  • Windbreak

    a growth of trees, a structure of boards, or the like, serving as a shelter from the wind.
  • Winded

    out of breath., having wind or breath of a specified kind (usually used in combination), adjective, short -winded; broken -winded., breathless , gasping...
  • Winder

    a person or thing that winds., a staircase step for changing direction. compare flier ( def. 9 ) ., a plant that coils or twines itself about something.,...
  • Windfall

    an unexpected gain, piece of good fortune, or the like., something blown down by the wind, as fruit., accruing in unexpectedly large amounts, noun, windfall...
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