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  1. Architect/Engineer/Contractors

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  • A/F

    Air France - also AIFRF and AF Airfield - also AFLD Air Flow - also AF Air Fuel Ratio - also AFR Arm/Fire Air-to-Fuel Ratio Air Flight Air Foil
  • A/FM

    Air Firing Mechanism
  • A/FU

    Arming/Firing Unit
  • A/G

    Air to Ground Air/Ground Albumin globulin ratio Air-to-Ground - also AG, A-G and ATG Albumin-to-globulin Albumin/globulin ratio Albumin/globulin
  • A/H

    Air handling Altitude/Height
  • A/HK/156/97

    A/Hong Kong/156/97
  • A/I

    Accident investigation Accident/incident Adsorption isotherm After Installation Allergy/immunology Anti Ice - also AI
  • A/I/M

    Accident/ Incident/ Malfunction
  • A/J

    Anti-Jamming - also AJ Anti-Jam - also AJ
  • A/K

    Above knee - also ak
  • A/L

    Approach and landing - also A&L and AL Administrative/Logistics Administration/logistics Andelslag Administrative and logistics Approach/Landing Airline...
  • A/M/A

  • A/N/AF/MC

    Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corp
  • A/NJ/76

    A/New Jersey/76
  • A/NM

    Administrative/Network Management
  • A/NTS

    AT and T Novell Telephone Services - also ANTS
  • A/O

    Account of - also a.o. Alert and orientated Anoxic/Oxic Alert and oriented - also A&O Analog/Output Authorized outage
  • A/P

    Accounts Payable - also AP, a/cs pay., A.P. and A/cs Pay Anterior/posterior Airplane - also A Auto Pilot - also AP Active/Passive Absent Parent - also...
  • A/P&Lat

    Anterior/posterior and lateral
  • A/PC

    Auto PC Auto Personal Computer
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