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  1. Air to Air Missile - also ATAM
  2. American Academy of Microbiology
  3. Army Achievement Medal
  4. Automated Auger microprobe
  5. Airborne activity monitor
  6. Application Activity Model
  7. Anti-Aircraft Missile
  8. Amino acid mixture - also AA
  9. Atmospheric Angular Momentum
  10. Access and Authentication Module
  11. Acute aseptic meningitis
  12. Air-to-Air Missile
  13. Aircraft Availability Model
  14. African-American men
  15. Abdominal muscle
  16. Acrylamide - also AA, ACR, AM, AC and ACAM
  17. Aggressive angiomyxoma
  18. Arachidonic acid metabolites - also AAMs

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  • AAMA

    AMERICAN AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION American Architectural Manufacturers Association American Academy of Medical Acupuncture Architectural Aluminum...

    Army Automation Master Plan
  • AAMC

    Association of American Medical Colleges AMERICAN ASSET MANAGEMENT CORP. American Medical Colleges

    American Association of Managed Care Nurses
  • AAMD

    American Academy of Medical Directors American Association of Medical Dosimetrists Apartment Association Of Metro Denver Association of Medical Dosimetrists...
  • AAME

    ATLANTIC AMERICAN CORP. Atlantic American Corporation

    American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy American Association of Marriage and Family...
  • AAMG

    Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun
  • AAMH

    Annual Maintenance Manhours
  • AAMI

    Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Acute anterior myocardial infarction AMERICAN AMMUNITION,...
  • AAML

    Alvin Anderson Memorial Library
  • AAMM

    Aircraft Availability Maintenance Model

    Asociacion Argentina de los Medicos por el Medio Ambiente


    AMC Automated Manpower Management Information System

    Airborne Asbestos Management And Monitoring Plan Active Army Military Manpower Program Anti-armor Munitions Master Plan

    Army Automated Multimedia System
  • AAMN

    American Assembly for Men in Nursing
  • AAMO

    Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer

    As A Matter Of Fact - also ASAMOF
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