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  1. Hazard Communication Standard - also HAZCOM
  2. Header Check Sequence
  3. High-content screening
  4. Hydrogen Chloride Scrubber
  5. Human chorionic somatomammotropin
  6. Hydrocortisone - also hc, HYD, Hy, HDC, HCO and HCT
  7. Hair cells - also HC
  8. Hanford Computer Store
  9. Hardware Certification Sheet
  10. Harvard Computer Society
  11. Health and Canadian Society
  12. Health centres - also HC
  13. Healthy control subjects - also HC and HS
  14. Head capsule slippage
  15. Health Centers
  16. Healthy controls - also HC
  17. Haemoglobin colour scale
  18. Hairy cells - also HC
  19. Harrisonburg City Schools
  20. Holocarboxylase synthetase - also HLCS

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  • HCS2

    Helix command-specific 2
  • HCSA

    Health care spending account Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association Homocysteine sulfinic acid

    Handle to a Certificate Services Backup Context

  • HCSC

    Harris Computer System Corporation Hospital and Community Health Services

    Health Care Staff Development and Retention Office

    High Capacity Satellite Digital Service High-Capacity Satellite Digital Service
  • HCSE

    Horse chestnut seed extract Hyperbaric Chamber Support Equipment

    Horizontal cavity surface emitting laser
  • HCSF

    Histamine-producing cell stimulating factor Hanford Calibration and Standards Facility Human cerebrospinal fluid
  • HCSG

    Healthcare Services Group, Inc.
  • HCSI

    Hughes Communications Services, Inc.
  • HCSL

    Hybrid Computation and Simulation Laboratory
  • HCSM

    Human cerebrovascular smooth muscle

    Hereditary canine spinal muscular atrophy
  • HCSN

    High-Capacity Satellite Network
  • HCSO

    Home and Community Services Office

    Hundred Call Seconds Per Hour
  • HCSR

    Hypersensitive carotid sinus reflex
  • HCSS

    High Capacity Storage System Head compartment support structure HELENA COLLEGE SENIOR SCHOOL
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