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How to Get Along with People

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Don't let ego or self-interest get in the way of getting along with people. Think of it as helping yourself as much as it is making life better for others.

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Smile Positive attitude Trustworthiness Easygoing manner Responsibility Helpfulness Humor Step 1: Be kind PLAY

Greet people, smile, and cultivate a persuasive manner and tone in relationships with coworkers. Even if you dislike someone, your good behavior reduces tension. Step 2: Go along PLAY

Go along with innocent comments or humor and don't be overly sensitive. Give people room if you sense that your habits annoy them. Step 3: Forgive and consider others PLAY

Forgive instead of harboring grudges. Remember that most people are doing the best they can. Discuss things and listen sensitively to find areas of agreement. Step 4: Admit mistakes PLAY

Admit when you're wrong, take criticism, and show appreciation for the effort others make to reach out. Tip: Drawing attention to yourself only alienates people -- let others have the spotlight. Step 5: Lend a hand PLAY

Lend a hand or an ear in all situations, establishing yourself as the "go-to" person. Don't speak until you're sure what you say is true, kind, and necessary. Step 6: Cooperate and joke PLAY

Use humor to cooperate or lighten the mood. Try to understand and respect others, and enjoy getting along with those around you. Do you know : Research shows that children who grow up with one or more siblings get along better with their classmates in kindergarten than do only-children. PLAY

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