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How To Break Bad Habits That Secretly Are Making You Fat

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Losing weight may be as simple as shaking up your routine. PLAY

You Will Need

Big breakfasts Moderate drinking habits Leisurely dining Comfortable shoes PLAY

Step 1: Don’t diet in the morning

Don’t skimp on breakfast. In one study, participants who ate a 600-calorie breakfast rich in carbohydrates and protein lost more weight over eight months than those who had a much smaller, low-carb meal. PLAY

Step 2: Spread out your drinking

Don’t save up your boozing for the weekend: A study of 2,300 drinkers found that those who drank a large amount in one night had higher levels of abdominal fat than those who consumed a similar amount of alcohol but spread it out over several days. PLAY

Step 3: Eat more slowly

Start savoring your meals. Because it takes around 20 minutes for a full stomach to actually feel full, gulping down food means you’ll usually accidentally eat more than you need. PLAY

Step 4: Wear comfy shoes

Ladies, save the sexy stilettos for special occasions. People who wear comfortable shoes burn more calories per day because, duh, they walk more. PLAY

Step 5: Drink your coffee black

A plain cup of coffee has no fat and only a few calories, but a small latte likely has around 10 grams of fat and a couple hundred calories.

Add skim milk to coffee instead of cream — it has less fat and calories. PLAY

Step 6: Give up the sleeping pills

Wean yourself off sleep medications. Their contribution to weight gain is threefold: You sleep longer, meaning less activity; you may be sluggish during the day, leading to fewer calories burned; and you may eat in your sleep without even knowing it. PLAY

Did you know?

According to one study, women whose husbands have more schooling than they do are thinner than those with less educated spouses. PLAY

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