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How To Look Taller

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Add inches to your appearance without wearing 12-inch platform shoes. PLAY

You Will Need

The right length jacket V-neck shirts Long pants Pointy shoes Monochromatic clothes Short or teased hair Yoga or Pilates classes Elevator insoles PLAY

Step 1: Choose the right jackets

When picking out jackets, go for ones that end where your buttocks meet your legs. And pick single-breasted over double-breasted, which can make you look shorter by making you look wider. PLAY

Step 2: Wear V-neck shirts

Wear V-neck shirts, which elongate your frame.

Avoid wearing baggy tops, which can make you look like a box: wide and short. PLAY

Step 3: Wear long pants

Wear pants that reach the bottom of your heel. Stay away from cuffed pants, capris, and cargoes. PLAY

Step 4: Select pointy shoes

Select pointed-toe shoes over round-toed ones; the former blend in better with your pants, so your leg line remains unbroken.

Elevator insoles are a discreet way of adding an inch or two to your height. PLAY

Step 5: Ditch the belts

Go without belts; they cut your body in half, ruining the long line you want. PLAY

Step 6: Wear one color

Wear one color so your torso and legs blend together.

Heavier fabrics tend to make you look bulkier and shorter. Whenever possible, opt for light- or medium-weight fabrics. PLAY

Step 7: Style your hair

Let your hair help you look taller. For ladies, that means upsweep styles and a little teasing on top. For men, it means keeping your hair short. PLAY

Step 8: Take up yoga or Pilates

Take yoga or Pilates classes; both have been shown to help people look taller by improving their posture. PLAY

Did you know?

Studies repeatedly show that tall men earn more than short men. PLAY

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