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How to Cram for a Test

Cách học nhồi nhét cho một bài kiểm tra

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Sure, the best way to prepare for a test is to faithfully attend class, take copious notes, and join a study group. But if it's a little late for that, cramming is the way to keep that F at bay. PLAY

You will need: PLAY

A quiet, distraction free area PLAY

Your textbook PLAY

Your class notes if you took any PLAY

Paper PLAY

A pen or pencil PLAY

A highlighter PLAY

Three by five lined index cards PLAY

Water PLAY

And healthy snacks PLAY

Step 1: Begin by reading over your lecture notes. If you don’t have any, beg and plead with a classmate to photocopy theirs. PLAY

Tip: Some campuses have note-taking services where you can purchase class notes. PLAY

Step 2: Highlight the key points in your notes. PLAY

Step 3: Skim the textbook for anything in bold, or key definitions, sections, and charts, and highlight those portions. PLAY

Tip: Read the first and last few pages of each chapter thoroughly, because they often summarize the information. PLAY

Step 4: Create flashcards by reviewing all the highlighted portions of your notes and textbook and writing one key piece of information on each index card. PLAY

Tip: Keep your energy high by drinking water to stay hydrated and eating snacks that raise your blood sugar without it crashing afterwards, like bananas. PLAY

Step 5: Memorize the material on your flashcards. Recite it out loud until you’re sure you’ve got it. PLAY

Tip: If you’re having trouble remembering something, write it down six or seven times in a row. PLAY

Step 6: Get some shut-eye. A Harvard study proved that eight hours of sleep before a test improves performance by 25 percent. PLAY

Step 7: Eat a hearty breakfast the day of the exam. Numerous studies prove that people perform mental tasks better on a full stomach. PLAY

Tip: Eat foods rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, like eggs and whole-wheat cereal or toast, so your energy lasts. Sugary foods will give you a quick rush and then leave you yawning in the test. PLAY

Step 8: Take your flashcards with you to your testing site and keep going over them until the exam begins. PLAY

Step 9: Right before the test starts, take several deep, slow breaths to help you relax. PLAY

Step 10: Take a nap after the test. Studies show it will help you retain what your learned - for the semester final. PLAY

Did You Know: Half of American teenagers admit to cheating on a school exam, according to a 2004 Gallup poll? PLAY

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