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How to Behave with Class on Your Birthday

Cách cư xử với bạn bè vào ngày sinh nhật của bạn

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Feeling too old to get wild and crazy on your birthday? Make this year's event memorable in a good way by practicing proper etiquette on your special day. PLAY

You will need:

A birthday

A group of friends

A positive attitude

And thank-you cards PLAY

Step 1: Keep a positive attitude. Keep laughing and having a good time. Only one day a year is all about you. PLAY

Step 2: Shrug off disappointments. If one of your friends doesn't show or your dinner isn't just the way you want it, forget about it. Enjoy the things that are going right. PLAY

Step 3: Keep things simple. Don't invite too many people to dinner and avoid picking an extravagant venue that your guests might not be able to afford. Your birthday guests will probably pitch in and pay for your part of the bill and you do not want to put anyone in an awkward position. PLAY

Tip: If you have a larger number of friends who want celebrate with you, plan a trip to the bar after an intimate dinner with your closest circle of friends. PLAY

Step 4: Never ask for gifts. If your friends want to bring you a gift, they will. Don't make them feel obligated to do so or they may not show up at all. PLAY

Tip: Gift giving is not mandatory at an adult's birthday. PLAY

Step 5: Thank all your birthday well-wishers, even the ones who sent you a quick e-mail. They still remembered you on your special day! Formal thank-you cards are not necessary, but are a nice touch for anyone who went out of their way to make your day extra-special. Just remember to act the way you'd want your friends to behave if they were in your shoes, and you're sure to have all the class you need. PLAY

Did You Know: As of 2009, over 4 million babies were born in the United States annually. That adds about 11,000 people celebrating on their birthdays along with you? PLAY

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