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How to Make the Perfect Sandwich

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If your growling stomach sounds like a caged animal, you can satiate that ravenous beast without having to scrub a bunch of pots and pans afterwards.

You Will Need

A crusty hoagie bun Sliced cheeses Sliced cold cuts Thinly sliced cucumber Thinly sliced tomato Mayonnaise or sandwich dressing Romaine lettuce Sprouts Bacon An olive A frilly toothpick Fresh herbs (optional) Salsa (optional) Guacamole (optional) PLAY

Step 1: Slice the bun lengthwise. Dig a trench through the center of both halves with your fingers. PLAY

Step 2: Fill the trenches with your choice of fresh meats and cheeses to form a protective moisture barrier to the bread. PLAY

Step 3: Add the cucumber and tomato slices to balance the salty bite of the meat and cheese.

Tip: Pack your ingredients separately and construct your sandwich on site if you take your lunch to work or school. This preserves freshness and protects against soggy bread. PLAY

Step 4: Drizzle on the mayo or dressing of your choice. Be gentle – you don't want to turn your sandwich into an oily mess.

Tip: Flavor the mayo with fresh herbs, such as basil or oregano, or use salsa or guacamole for a change of pace. PLAY

Step 5: Top your sandwich with romaine lettuce and sprouts for a refreshing crunch. PLAY

Step 6: Add crumbled bacon for extra flavor. Spear the olive with the toothpick and stick it through your sandwich to hold it together. PLAY

Step 7: Let the sandwich rest for 10 minutes at room temperature to let the flavors meld together. Unless you can't wait – then dig in!

Did you know: New York's famous Carnegie Deli opened in 1938. PLAY

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