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How to make a good first impression on your crush

Your crush's decision to say hello or say goodbye to you on the first meeting is highly influenced by your initial impression. initially. So let's find out the key to falling in love and see how boys fall in love and girls get excited when they first meet!


  1. Well-groomed clothes


Appearance is extremely important because it is the first impression “that person” is. Being thoughtful here is simply that you should choose an outfit that is harmonious in color, not too complicated in accessories and just enough to highlight your most prominent features. It is that delicate harmony that makes your crush want to keep in touch with you for those next meetings.


  1. A distinctive scent

In addition to having a well-groomed appearance, fragrance can also help you attract your crush because it leaves a lasting impression on the memory. To prevent upsetting your crush, you can use a small amount of moderate, pleasant-smelling perfume.


  1. Positive energy


Optimistic, smiling people often have a special attraction because they bring a feeling of openness, comfort and attraction in every conversation. So, don't be afraid to share stories in a positive way, spread bright smiles in the first meeting to score points in the eyes of your darling!


  1. Pretty little gift


The first meeting will bring a lot of memories, so don't be afraid to show your thoughtfulness by preparing a small gift for that loved one. The gift can be a teddy bear, a stone lotus pot, a small bouquet of flowers, a notebook, ... both to impress and make your crush have more beautiful memories of your "first day" with you.


  1. Be yourself confident


Make sure that he/she likes and wants to know who you are, not just your looks or beauty. Forcing yourself to look perfect can sometimes be embarrassing for both of you, and it can be difficult to stick around for long. Each of us is most beautiful when we are, so be confident when facing our crush!


The "secrets" listed above will help you dazzle your crush from the very first encounter, wish you luck, and soon “fall in love” with the one you love. Do not hesitate visiting our flowers and pretty gifts here then choosing ones making your crush surprised!


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