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Order to cash (otc)

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ORDER-TO-CASH (OTC) is the process where everything that leads from the order, packaging, delivery to having the actual money in the bank is included.

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  • Orderly liquidation value

    , orderly liquidation value is the liquidation value at which the asset or assets are sold over a reasonable period of time to maximize proceeds received.
  • Ordinary asset

    , ordinary asset is a non-capital asset used for business purposes. see capital asset .
  • Ordinary course of business

    , ordinary course of business is the actions or results that would logically be expected in the regular or planned operating activities of a business as...
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    , organizational structure is the delineation of responsibilities, authorities and relations organized in such a way as to enable an organization...
  • Original equipment manufacturer

    , original equipment manufacturer (oem) is a company that builds components or systems that are used in systems or products sold by another company using...
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    , original face is the the face value (original principal amount) of a security, generally a mortgage- or asset­-backed security, as of its issue...
  • Original issue discount

    , original issue discount is when a long-term debt instrument is issued at a price that is lower than its stated redemption value; the difference is called...
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    , original z-score (for public manufacturer) if the z-score is 3.0 or above - bankruptcy is not likely. if the z-score is 1.8 or less - bankruptcy is likely....
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  • Otc

    , otc see over the counter .
  • Otcbb

    , otcbb is an electronic quotation medium for unlisted, over-the-counter securities. the otc bulletin board allows market makers to display firm prices...
  • Other comprehensive basis of accounting

    , other comprehensive basis of accounting (ocboa) means a definite set of criteria, other than accounting principles generally accepted in the united states...
  • Other comprehensive income

    , other comprehensive income (oci) is part of total comprehensive income but is generally excluded from net income. prior to sfas 130, these three items'...
  • Other income

    , other income is income from activities that are not undertaken in the ordinary course of an entitys business.
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