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Outcome measure

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OUTCOME MEASURE measures to determine the outcome of an objective that indicate company performance at the end of a period. These are results-oriented and do not reflect a process. Examples include: Year-end Sales, Cycle Time, and Market Share. Outcome measures often appear in a BSC’s outcome-oriented Financial and Customer perspectives.

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  • Output vat

    , output vat is vat on a companys sales. see also value added tax (vat) .
  • Outsource

    , outsource is to obtain goods or services from an outside supplier; i.e., to contract work outside of your budget and control. (an example would be companies...
  • Outstanding shares

    , outstanding shares is the number of shares that are currently owned by all investors. it also includes restricted shares (shares owned by officers and...
  • Outturn

    , outturn is what is produced in a given time period.
  • Over-applied factory overhead

    , over-applied factory overhead is the amount of factory overhead applied in excess of the actual factory overhead incurred for a production period.
  • Over-billing

    , over-billing is invoicing in excess of agreed upon pricing or exaggerating the amount of services or goods provided (sometimes illegally).
  • Overall review

    , overall review, in accounting, is the stage of the audit where the assessment of conclusions reached and evaluation of the overall financial statement...
  • Overhead absorption

    , overhead absorption is the term used for describing the transfer of value from a fixed asset such as a building or machine to the final product. in this...
  • Overhead budget

    , overhead budget shows the expected cost of all production costs other than direct materials and direct labor. budgeted variable overhead costs are based...
  • Overhead expense

    , in the company's financial reporting documents this category may contain several line items, e.g. r&d, sales & marketing, and general & administrative....
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