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  1. Advanced Automated Directional Solidification Furnace

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  • AADT

    Annual Average Daily Traffic Average annual daily traffic Average daily traffic - also ADT
  • AADV

    Acquisition aid vehicle
  • AADX

    Airco Alloys and Carbide
  • AADs

    Antiaircraft defense system Army Aviation Decontamination Station Ascent Air Data System Activation domains - also ADs Ameritech Advanced Data Services...
  • AAE

    Average Absolute Error Abort Advisory Equipment Administration Acquisition Executive Agency Acquisition Executive Adult enhancer Academy For Academic Excellence...
  • AAEA

    Automated Analytical Electrophoresis Apparatus
  • AAEC

    Australian Atomic Energy Commission

    ASEAN-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme Asian-Australian Economic Cooperation Program

    Auxiliary area environmental control system
  • AAED

    Active Airborne Expendable Decoy Advanced Airborne Expendables Decoy Advanced Airborne Electronic Decoy - also A2ED Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy...
  • AAEE

    American Academy of Environmental Engineers Aeroplane and Armament Experiment Establishment

    Auxiliary area emergency gas treatment system
  • AAEI

    Acogida Al Estudiante Internacional
  • AAEM

    American Academy of Environmental Medicine Advanced Analytical Electron Microscope Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine American Academy of Emergency...
  • AAEN

    Active Army, Enlisted
  • AAEP

    American Association of Equine Practitioners

    Army Acquisition Executive Program Control Central System
  • AAER

    Accounting and Auditing Releases ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING ENFORCEMENT RELEASES Affirmative Action Employment Report
  • AAES

    American Association of Engineering Societies Advanced Aircraft Electrical System Almond Avenue Elementary School Alexandria Avenue Elementary School Aragon...

    Army Acquisition Executive Support Agency
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