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How To Look Younger

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You may be getting older, but there’s no need to look it – if you follow this advice. PLAY

You Will Need

Bright clothes Skin products Brown makeup False eyelashes A facial mask Hand cream An updated hairstyle Flattering hair color and highlights A dentist Trendy jewelry (optional) Manicures (optional) Rings (optional) Bangs (optional) PLAY

Step 1: Lighten up your wardrobe

Wear less black and neutral shades and more color, especially on your top half, where it can brighten up an aging complexion.

Lose the matched jewelry sets in favor of trendy baubles. PLAY

Step 2: Even out skin tone

Even out skin tone with products that contain glucosamine, an amino sugar which has been proven effective in treating age-related discoloration and age spots. PLAY

Step 3: Take care of facial hair

Learn to fill in your eyebrows artfully and apply individual false eyelashes; brows and lashes thin as we age; keeping them lush will take years off your face. PLAY

Step 4: Start using hand cream

Apply a facial mask with alpha hydroxy acids to the back of your hands to promote surface skin renewal. Start using a daily hand cream with glycerin, petrolatum, and dimethicone.

Get or give yourself manicures and wear a bright ring or two; in one study, women who wore polish and rings were judged to be younger-looking than those who didn’t. PLAY

Step 5: Update your hairstyle

Update your hairstyle, especially if you’ve had the same one for decades. Use thickening products, as hair thins out as we age. Consult a colorist about getting the right shade as well as putting in highlights to replace fading natural ones.

Bangs are an easy way to hide a lined forehead. PLAY

Step 6: Fix and whiten your teeth

Consult a dentist about fixing and whitening your teeth if they’ve become discolored or have shifted with age. PLAY

Step 7: Say cheese!

Keep a smile on your face. It gives you an instant facelift. PLAY

Did you know?

People in the 40s to 60s who pay attention to their appearance are nicknamed “baby groomers.” PLAY

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