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How To Pick the Right Shoes For an Outfit

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You don’t have to be a slave to fashion to pick the right shoes for your outfit. Follow these tips for a put-together look.

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Step 1: Choose your shoe style according to the occasion.

Wear high heels with gowns, and to dress up dark jeans. Wear flats with more casual wear or lighter jeans. Tip: Flip-flops are for the beach, not for a night on the town. Step 2: Consider style. PLAY

Kitten heels are comfortable and can be dressy, but it’s best to wear them with straight-legged pants or a-line skirts. Stilettos make your legs look long and make you taller, so wear them with long dresses or boot leg pants to make an impact. Step 3: Choose your shoe color based on the hint of colors in your outfit. Don't match your shoes' color exactly to your clothes. Tip:If your clothes are in a neutral color, wear a bold color shoe. Step 4: Don’t get caught up in labels. Just because something has a design label doesn't automatically make it go around your outfit. Fact: Did you know? When they’re hot, feet can swell up to one full shoe size. PLAY

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