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How to Get Organized at Work

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A lot of people in an office are whirlwinds of activity with no direction. Get organized and work smarter, not harder. PLAY

You Will Need


Calendar or scheduling software

Time management skills

File system

Delegation skills


Backup files (optional) PLAY

Step 1: Clarify goals

Set clear goals for cleaning up your desktop and personal effects in the office now, not later. Prioritize, and determine how to measure and assess success. Anticipate roadblocks, constraints, and limits. PLAY

Step 2: List steps needed

Use a calendar and list the steps needed to achieve your goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Write everything down or use scheduling software to be sure information doesn’t slip through. PLAY

Step 3: Create a logical sequence

Create a logical sequence of your daily tasks, and simplify your plan to get organized. Don’t be disorganized in your effort to get organized. PLAY

Step 4: Manage interruptions

Manage mail, e-mail, and calls to limit interruptions. Manage your time so that tasks requiring more concentration are accomplished earlier in the day when you have more energy. Pad your estimated time on tasks to keep yourself on schedule. PLAY

Step 5: Reduce clutter

Reduce clutter to access information with efficiency. Archive materials and eliminate duplicates to keep important files close at hand and everything else put away. Clean and file things daily to stay on top of it.

Make backup files of important things you don’t use every day. PLAY

Step 6: Delegate tasks

tasks to qualified personnel and say no to requests that threaten your routine and daily objectives. Eliminate wasted steps and non-essential tasks. PLAY

Step 7: Plan the night before

Review, adjust, and refine constantly. Plan for the next day at the end of each day to get a head start. The effect will be a clear mind and a more productive workday. PLAY

Did you know?

The philosophy of time management dates back to the sixth century CE. PLAY

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