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How to Accessorize Your School Uniform

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Just because you have to wear a uniform to school doesn’t mean you can’t assert your individuality.

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An image you want to project Accessories Creativity PLAY

Step 1: Know your school’s rules before you make any purchases. PLAY

Step 2: Start at the top. Use all kinds of barrettes, headbands, and other hair ornaments. Or tie your hair back with scarves. PLAY

Step 3: Pick up some cool jewelry--or make something your trademark, like a personalized necklace or unique ring. PLAY

Step 4: Buy a variety of scarves and learn how to tie them in different ways. This alone will give you dozens of looks.

Tip: As you add to your accessories, think colors and prints--especially if your school uniform is a somber solid, like navy blue. PLAY

Step 5: Forego the standard black leather belt for something unique, like one with a vintage buckle. Or use a scarf as a belt. PLAY

Step 6: Sneak a bit of color under your regulation shirt with a brightly colored or cool tee. PLAY

Step 7: Don’t forget watches--they are a great way to add pizzazz to your outfit.

Tip: Girls can make a statement with their choice of manicure and polish. PLAY

Step 8: If you don’t have to wear a standard loafer or Oxford, shoes are an obvious way to put your best foot forward. PLAY

Step 9: Make your backpack a canvas for your personality with charms, pins, patches, and key chains. Or tie a scarf around a pocketbook for a more sophisticated look. PLAY

Step 10: Wrap up your look with a carefully chosen sweater, hoodie, Pashmina, shrug, or cape.

Did you know: After California’s Long Beach Unified School District adopted a mandatory uniform policy, school crime dropped 76%. PLAY

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