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How to Buy a Laptop Computer

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If you're looking for more portable computing power, this guide will help you get your geek on while shopping for the right notebook for your lifestyle.

You Will Need

- Time - Patience - Basic computer knowledge PLAY

Step 1: Take the time to identify your wants and needs to narrow down your search and clarify what you're looking for. Make a separate list for each to help keep stay on budget -- if the cost is too high, remove features from your want list to bring it down to a more practical price. PLAY

Step 2: Decide on your screen size. A 14- or 15-inch screen is basic for laptops. A larger 17- or 19-inch screen can replace most desktop computers. A smaller 7- or 10-inch netbook is more travel friendly.

Tip: Smaller notebooks usually have smaller amounts of memory, and often lack the latest bells and whistles in exchange for portability. PLAY

Step 3: Consider a high or low resolution screen. Resolution, measured in pixels, determines what you can see and fit on the screen. A higher resolution offers clearer images but smaller default text size. PLAY

Step 4: Look at the battery life for each of your choices. The more powerful the computer, the quicker it will eat up a battery -- but while a weak laptop will stay on longer, it can leave you wanting more later on.

Tip: Consider investing in a larger replacement battery, especially if you're constantly on the move. PLAY

Step 5: A powerful CPU will speed up operations and allow you to do multiple tasks at one time. Anything above 2 gigahertz is appropriate for general usage. PLAY

Step 6: Go for a hard drive that is at least 250 gigabytes, especially if you download of lot of music or movies. PLAY

Step 7: Shop around or go online to find the best deals. If you can wait, time your purchase around back to school or after Christmas to get the best bang for your buck.

Did you know: In 2010, the MC-1 notebook claimed the title of world's smallest computer with a 4.8-inch screen and 4 gigabytes of memory. PLAY

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