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The best gifts for graduation day

Graduation is a very important occasion for university students. If you have relatives or friends who are about to graduate, please refer to the following meaningful gifts!



  • Books 


A book will be a meaningful gift for new graduates who love to read. It could be a self-help book, a novel, or any other genre that the person enjoys.

A book is a meaningful gift. Image: Unsplash.



  • Handmade gifts


A handmade card or a hand-knitted scarf will surely make our new graduates extremely touched. You can also make simple items such as jewelry boxes or draw a picture if possible.

Handmade gifts are unforgettable. Image: Pexels.



  • Potted plants


The cute little potted plants are not only lovely gifts for graduation, but will also be present in the new bachelor's room for long after. Every time watering the plant, the recipient will definitely think of you!



  • Flowers


A bouquet of fresh flowers will melt the heart of the receiver and make the graduation photos look more lively.

Shiny Baby bouquet.


First Date bouquet.



  • Graduation bear


Graduation bears are lovely gifts for both boys and girls. The receiver can use these cute stuffed animals to decorate the room after the graduation ceremony.

Graduation bears.


With the above suggestions, we hope you find the suitable gift for your friends/ relatives


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