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a light rowboat for one person; skiff.
any of various barges, fishing vessels, etc., used locally in England.

Verb (used with object), verb (used without object)

to use, or transport in, a wherry.

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  • Whet

    to sharpen (a knife, tool, etc.) by grinding or friction., to make keen or eager; stimulate, the act of whetting., something that whets; appetizer or drink.,...
  • Whether

    (used to introduce the first of two or more alternatives, and sometimes repeated before the second or later alternative, usually with the correlative or...
  • Whetstone

    a stone for sharpening cutlery or tools by friction., anything that sharpens, a whetstone for dull wits .
  • Whew

    (a whistling exclamation or sound expressing astonishment, dismay, relief, etc.), an utterance of whew.
  • Whey

    a milk serum, separating as liquid from the curd after coagulation, as in cheese making.
  • Which

    what one?, whichever, (used relatively in restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses to represent a specified antecedent), (used relatively in restrictive...
  • Whichever

    any one that, no matter which, no matter which, take whichever you like ., whichever you choose , the others will be offended ., whichever day ; whichever...
  • Whichsoever

  • Whiff

    a slight gust or puff of wind, air, vapor, smoke, or the like, a slight trace of odor or smell, a single inhalation or exhalation of air, tobacco smoke,...
  • Whiffet

    informal . an insignificant person; whippersnapper.
  • Whiffle

    to blow in light or shifting gusts or puffs, as the wind; veer or toss about irregularly., to shift about; vacillate; be fickle., to blow with light, shifting...
  • Whig

    to move along briskly.
  • Whiggery

    the principles or practices of whigs.
  • Whiggish

    of, pertaining to, or characteristic of whigs or whiggism., inclined to whiggism.
  • Whiggism

    the principles or practices of whigs.
  • While

    a period or interval of time, archaic . a particular time or occasion., during or in the time that., throughout the time that; as long as., even though;...
  • Whiles

    chiefly scot. at times., obsolete . in the meantime., archaic . while.
  • Whilom

    former; erstwhile, at one time., adjective, whilom friends ., erstwhile , former , old , once , onetime , past , previous , quondam , sometime
  • Whilst

  • Whim

    an odd or capricious notion or desire; a sudden or freakish fancy, capricious humor, noun, noun, a sudden whim to take a midnight walk ., to be swayed...
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