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  1. Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment - also AAEE

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  • A&AS

    Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement - also AAS Advisory and Assistance Service
  • A&B

    Apnea and bradycardia Assault and Battery
  • A&BC

    Air and bone conduction
  • A&C

    Abatement and Control Abatement and commitments Adequacy and compatibility Agreements and commitments Activation and Checkout
  • A&CS

    Access and clearance system
  • A&D

    Admission and Disposition - also AD and AAD Aerospace and Defense
  • A&DSL

    Administrative and Direct Support Logistics
  • A&E

    Accident and emergency - also A+E Architectural and Engineering - also A/E Architect and Engineer - also A-E and A/E Ammunition and Explosives ACTIVATION...
  • A&EM

    Assembly and External Maintenance
  • A&F

    Accounting and Finance - also AFIN Arming and firing Arming and fuzing Agricultural and Forestal
  • A&G

    Administrative and General Acquisitions and Grants
  • A&I

    A&I Alternative and Innovative Allergy and immunology - also ai Analysis and Integration Alterations and Improvements Assembly and Installation Attack...
  • A&L

    Approach and Landing - also A/L and AL Arts and Letters
  • A&M

    AMSOIL - also AMS Agricultural and mechanical
  • A&MI

    Assembly and Maintenance Integration
  • A&MMS

    Acquisition and Material Management Service
  • A&MSD

    Automation and Measurement Science Department
  • A&MV

    Assembly and Maintenance Verification
  • A&O

    Alert and oriented - also a/o
  • A&OS

    Aeronautical and Ordinance System
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