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  1. Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Scale
  2. Alabama Association of Independent Schools
  3. Allied Command Europe Implementation Strategy
  4. Advanced Airborne Interceptor Simulator
  5. American Association of Italian Studies
  6. Africana and American Indian Studies
  7. Allied command europe ACCIS Implementation Strategy
  8. American Academy of Independent Studies
  9. Aminoalkylindoles
  10. Army Automation Information System

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    Army Aircraft Inventory, Status and Flying Time

    Allied Command Europe Implementation Steering Group
  • AAIT

    Atomic absorption inhibition titration
  • AAIU

    Air Accident Investigation Unit
  • AAIW

    Antarctic Intermediate Water Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week Asia Africa Intelligence Wire
  • AAJ

    IATA code for Cayana Airstrip, Awaradam, Suriname
  • AAK

    Alive And Kicking Asleep At Keyboard IATA code for Aranuka Airport, Aranuka, Kiribati
  • AAKP

    American Association of Kidney Patients
  • AAKX

    Amulco Asphalt Company
  • AAL

    Above aerodrome level ATM Adaptation Layer ATM Adaption Layer Association of Assistant Librarians Applied Action Level Acceptable ambient level Acceptable...
  • AAL1

    ATM Adaptation Layer 1
  • AAL2

    ATM Adaptation Layer 2
  • AAL3/4

    ATM Adaptation Layer 3/4
  • AAL5

    ATM Adaptation Layer 5
  • AAL5-CU

    ATM Adaptation Layer 5 Composite User
  • AALA

    American Association for Laboratory Accreditation AMERALIA, INC. American Automobile Labelling Act Alberta Association Of Landscape Architects American...

    American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
  • AALC

    Accountants And Actuaries Liaison Committee African American Labor Center African American Leadership Council ATM Adaptation Layer Connection AVELLA AREA...

    Active Addressing Liquid Crystal Display

    Amphibious assault landing craft - also AALC
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