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How To Choose a Men's Watch

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The type of men’s watch you should choose depends on how you plan to use the watch. Before making a purchase, decide whether you need a watch that won’t become damaged if you accidentally get it wet, a luxury timepiece, or a chronometer that will keep you punctual.

You Will Need

Reason for buying a watch Stainless-steel watch band (optional) PLAY

Step 1: Decide on water-resistant watch

Decide whether you need a water-resistant watch. These watches will not be damaged if you get them wet. PLAY

Step 2: Decide on waterproof watch

Decide whether you need a waterproof watch. Unlike water-resistant watches, waterproof ones are designed for diving and are rated for how deep you can safely dive with them. PLAY

Step 3: Choose a band

Consider which watch band — leather, metal, cloth, or plastic — best meets your needs.

Stainless-steel bands are practical. They can be worn with a business suit but are also casual enough for other occasions; they are also waterproof. PLAY

Step 4: Consider watch movement

Consider the watch movement. Very accurate functional watches have quartz movements; expensive classic watches have mechanical movements; and casual watches tend to have digital movements. PLAY

Step 5: Consider watch crystal

Consider the watch crystal. Mid-range functional watches have scratch-resistant, shatter-prone mineral crystals; expensive classic watches have crystals made of scratch-resistant, but highly shatter-prone, synthetic sapphire; and inexpensive work watches have scratch-prone but relatively shatter-proof Plexiglas crystals. PLAY

Step 6: Decide on illumination

Decide whether you need an illuminated watch face, or whether a glow-in-the-dark face is adequate. Now you’re ready to buy the perfect watch! PLAY

Did you know?

Sundials are believed to have first appeared around 2000 B.C.E. in the Fertile Crescent. PLAY

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