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How to Set & Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Cách đặt ra và gắn chặt với những quyết tâm trong năm mới của bạn

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Do loved ones look skeptical when you tell them your New Year’s resolutions? Make this the year they finally stick. PLAY

You will need: Attainable goals

A written plan

Positive thinking

3 weeks of discipline

And self- forgiveness

Optional: An online support group. PLAY

Step 1: Choose attainable goals. Setting the bar too high only invites failure. PLAY

Step 2: Write down what you hope to achieve. You may feel silly, but research shows that people who write down their resolutions are more likely to keep them. PLAY

Step 3: Tell everyone your plans. It will help shame you into following through, plus you’ll have your loved ones cheering you on. PLAY

Tip: Try joining an online support group, especially if your goal is to lose weight - America’s most popular resolution. One study found that those with around-the-clock support lost twice the weight of those who went it alone. PLAY

Step 4: Think of your resolution in positive terms. For example, instead of saying, 'I’m not going to smoke anymore,' think, 'I’m getting healthy.' PLAY

Step 5: Try to stick to your goal for 21 days. Research shows it takes that long to change or break a habit, so if you can hold on for just three weeks, you’ll greatly increase your chance of success. PLAY

Step 6: If you cheat, forgive yourself and continue on. Don’t make one slipup an excuse to give up altogether. PLAY

Did You Know: According to a survey, procrastination is the number-one reason people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions, followed by lack of discipline and not having a game plan? PLAY

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