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a hawthorn, Crataegus laevigata, having white flowers.

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  • Whitewash

    a composition, as of lime and water or of whiting, size, and water, used for whitening walls, woodwork, etc., anything, as deceptive words or actions,...
  • Whitewasher

    a composition, as of lime and water or of whiting, size, and water, used for whitening walls, woodwork, etc., anything, as deceptive words or actions,...
  • Whither

    to what place? where?, to what end, point, action, or the like? to what?, to which place., to whatever place., noun, condition , place , position , result...
  • Whithersoever

    to whatsoever place.
  • Whiting

    a slender food fish of the genus menticirrhus, of the croaker family, inhabiting waters along the atlantic coast of north america., the hake, merluccius...
  • Whitish

    somewhat white; tending to white.
  • Whitleather

    white leather.
  • Whitlow

    an inflammation of the deeper tissues of a finger or toe, esp. of the terminal phalanx, usually producing suppuration.
  • Whittle

    to cut, trim, or shape (a stick, piece of wood, etc.) by carving off bits with a knife., to form by whittling, to cut off (a bit)., to reduce the amount...
  • Whittling

    the act of a person who whittles., often, whittlings. a bit or chip whittled off.
  • Whiz

    to make a humming, buzzing, or hissing sound, as an object passing swiftly through the air., to move or rush with such a sound, to cause to whiz., to treat...
  • Whizz-bang

    military . a small, high-speed shell whose sound as it flies through the air arrives almost at the same instant as its explosion., a firecracker with a...
  • Who

    what person or persons?, (of a person) of what character, origin, position, importance, etc., the person that or any person that (used relatively to represent...
  • Who's who

    a reference work containing short biographical entries on the outstanding persons in a country, industry, profession, etc., the outstanding or influential...
  • Whoa

    stop! (used esp. to horses).
  • Whodunit

    a narrative dealing with a murder or a series of murders and the detection of the criminal; detective story.
  • Whoever

    whatever person; anyone that, no matter who, who? what person? (used to express astonishment, disbelief, disdain, etc.), whoever did it should be proud...
  • Whole

    comprising the full quantity, amount, extent, number, etc., without diminution or exception; entire, full, or total, containing all the elements properly...
  • Whole-length

    extended to or having its entire length; not shortened or abridged, portraying, reflecting, or accommodating the full length of the human figure, a portrait...
  • Whole hearted

    fully or completely sincere, enthusiastic, energetic, etc.; hearty; earnest, a wholehearted attempt to comply .
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