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  1. All Concerned Notified - also ACN

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  • A.c.v.

    Actual cash value - also ACV
  • A.d.

    After date - also A/D and ad Anno Domini - also AD
  • A.f.b.

    Air freight bill
  • A.i.

    Active ingredient - also aI Anno inventionis in the year of the discovery
  • A.k.a

    ALSO KNOWN AS - also AKA, A/K/A and a.k.a.
  • A.k.a.

    Also Known As - also AKA, a.k.a and A/K/A
  • A.l.

    Allotment Letter
  • A.m.

    Ante Meridiem - also AM
  • A.m.t.

    Air mail transfer
  • A.s.a.p.

    As Soon As Possible - also ASAP and SAP
  • A.w.b.

    Air waybill - also AWB
  • A/A

    Air to Air - also AA and ATA Airborne Antenna - also AA Arterial/alveolar Avenue of Approach - also AA Air/Air Air-to-Air - also AA and A-A Alerting Authority...
  • A/B

    Aktiebolaget - also Aktb Air bus Alveolar/bronchiolar Acid-base ratio
  • A/C

    Air Conditioning - also ac, Air Cond and A.C. Account current - also AC and a.c. Aircraft - also ACFT, Air, AC, A, Aircrft and Aircr Account - also ACCT,...
  • A/CA

    Aircraft Attrition
  • A/D

    Analog-to-Digital - also AD After Date - also a.d. and ad Analog to Digital Converter - also ADC Analog/Digital - also A-D Aerodrome - also AD Analog to...
  • A/DACG

    Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group - also ADACG
  • A/DIS

    Alcohol and Other Drug Information School - also ADIS
  • A/E

    Architect/Engineer - also AE Architecture and Engineering Services Activity Elements Architectural and Engineering - also A&E Airfields Engineering...
  • A/E/C

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